Kylie Gordon

Hatha, Vinyasa, Trauma-Informed Yoga

Registered Level 1 Teacher


Registered Level 1 Teacher

Member No: 6278


Living in Darwin, Northern Territory, Kylie works with community groups and not-for-profit organisations to bring trauma-informed yoga to people who may not be able to access regular studio classes.

Kylie’s classes are welcoming, inclusive and trauma-informed, which means they are offered in a safe, non-competitive and non-judgemental space. Students are invited to connect with their bodies through breath and explore the different options offered, enabling choice over what they do with their bodies.

As a former educator and community worker, Kylie has a deep and personal understanding of the importance of self care, and how maintaining a regular yoga practice can help to reduce stress, compassion fatigue and burnout.

A fully registered teacher, Kylie is qualified to teach in both primary and secondary schools. She holds bachelor degrees in Human Movement/Exercise Science and Education. She holds a Master of International & Community Development. Kylie is a Level 1 Registered Teacher with Yoga Australia. She completed her Level 1 yoga training at the Byron Yoga Centre and has since completed foundational studies with the Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY).

If you are interested in bringing trauma-informed yoga to your community group or organisation. Please contact Kylie.

"The body always leads us home... If we can learn to trust sensation and stay with it long enough for it to reveal appropriate action, movement, insight or feeling."

Pat Ogden

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