Laura Burghaus

Yoga in Daily Life, General, Yin Yoga

Registered Level 1 Teacher


Registered Level 1 Teacher

Member No: 2990


Laura also know as Lyra is a German-born, Aussie-raised traditional seamstress and pattern maker come Yoga teacher. Laura has nine years of teaching experience and is currently training to become an early childhood educator.

To Laura, yoga is a powerful tool that reminds us to connect and cleanse our body, mind and spirit. Yoga supports us to be the best possible version of oursleves and too be of service to all that surrounds us above and beyond. 

Laura studied Oki-Do inspired Japanese yoga with the Yoga House in 2012, she has also learnt from Cate Peterson, Gwyn Williams, Mizue San, Tatsumara San and finished a 100hr Yin Yoga course with Mysan Sibdo. Laura likes to blend the various styles learnt into one beautiful yoga experience.

""Be inquisitive, stay curious, tread lightly and have the courage to move beyond your fears." "

Laura Burghaus

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