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Registered Level 1 Teacher


Registered Level 1 Teacher


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Welcome To Intrinsic Mind Holistic Health and Wellness Centre

I bet you are wondering why we call ourselves the best Yoga Studio in Adelaide.  It is because we are very passionate about what we share and do.  We are not just your typical Hot yoga /  Hot Pilates / Traditional Hatha / Yin / Fitness studio we are a wellness centre making change.

We are heavily associated with Mental Health First Aid, making a different.  We work with many people in the Wellness industry providing you with the best outcomes possible.  What you want is what we can deliver in more ways than one.  Between Myself and Jen the Co Founders of Intrinsic Mind - we work alongside many special people that may resonate with you including our creative team of Passionate instructors: "Here"

Leisa is a holistic health and wellness coach that works with you on an energetic level to bring balance and harmony of mind/body connection.  Leisa has worked many years in the corporate world, which brought about a desire to find more balance.  Given the high level of stress, and how sedentary one becomes in the corporate world, she was adamant to find an approach that would assist others to lead a more balanced lifestyle.  Leisa’s studies have taken her on a journey with her passions and experience extending into many modalities such as, Thai Yoga Massage, Yoga, Meditation, mindfulness, Pilates, Reiki, Acupressure, Nutritional Coaching, Personal Training, Hypnotherapy and much more. Leisa works with you on a personal level, or in a group environment in order to obtain desired goals and outcomes. Her techniques and trainings are very unique which allows you to feel safe, relaxed and comfortable therefore enabling the best environment and ambiance for change to occur.  Leisa will be your mentor, coach and confidant who will work with you to achieve success and holistic health. Leisa not only works in this field but also, Hypnotherapy, NLP coaching and Time Line Therapy. Reach out to Leisa directly HERE

Jen differs to Leisa in that she takes on a more psychological approach due to her continued studies in Psychology where she is working towards becoming a clinical and forensic psychologist. She works in forensics as a fingerprint expert for the South Australia Police  and also volunteers as a crisis support worker on the phones with Lifeline talking to people going through crisis including suicide, mental health and other crisis triggers. As a passionate Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Jen will help educate you on Mental Health and its prevalence within the community, giving you the skills and knowledge in providing Mental Health First Aid to those developing a mental health problem, or who is in a mental health crisis. Jen loves working alongside Leisa supporting the Science and the Universal Energy, understanding the importance of finding balance given the Holistic approach of intrinsic mind. The Mental Health First Aid training provides some great stress release techniques which supports our holistic approach. As a Hypnotherapist, Jen will help to enable and empower you to reach your desired goals and coach you to success. With her experience, she appreciates the ambitions, challenges and needs that you face and can assure you that she can help you realise your potential, no matter what your background or history.

Visit us "HERE" Or contact Leisa on 0438520219

Intrinsic Mind Holistic Health and Wellness Centre

373 Glen Osmond Road , Glen Osmond, SA, 5064

"Live the life you love and dare to dream. Let go of the past and live for the now. I will show just how simple it can be!"

Leisa Timms and Jen Ince

what people are saying about Leisa Timms


Johann Bull

Wow! Wow! Wow I have just finished having a session of "hands on yoga" and "Chakra Healing" from Leisa Timms It was amazing! The session lasted 1.5 hours and it was just fantastic! I walked into the session feeling quite stiff and sore and walked out without any pain in my hips and feeling loose and flexible.

Emma Ebert

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to do some 1 on 1 yoga therapy sessions with Leisa. At the time I was going through a particularly bad time with anxiety and depression over a few different issues. Leisa suggested we try some Reiki also to see if this could help make a difference and give me some relief. My anxiety was crippling me so I was willing to try anything and open to it. The 1 and 1 yoga was extremely stress relieving. At first I found it hard to let go but as soon as I completely relaxed and learnt to breathe properly I started to notice the benefits. The breathing techniques Leisa taught me has helped me control my anxiety and there were certain postures and releases I was taught that I still continue to use at home to relieve tension in my body, especially my hips, back and legs. It is hard to explain how I felt during and after my 1st Reiki session. It was a surreal experience and I am so glad I was open to it. The issues I brought up in that session have ceased to cause me any more grief. I had a feeling of complete weightlessness. I could not even feel the mat beneath my body. A few weeks later we visited Reiki again during a 1 on 1 yoga session and balanced my Chakras. I was experiencing some anxiety over a certain issue so Leisa incorporated some hypnotherapy in to the session. I have always been skeptical over hypnotherapy but it is amazing and works. I intend to do more hypnotherapy with Leisa to improve certain areas of my life and certain mindsets/habits. I cannot recommend Leisa enough

Natasha Simms's Success Story

I find Leisa to be a great motivator in the Personal Training Sessions. She pushes me above and beyond my own fitness level which has been good for my success. During our training sessions Leisa varies the exercises so that I do not get bored doing the same thing each session. The training sessions are always a lot of fun. I would recommend Leisa as a trainer to anyone who is serious about getting fit. Zumba: Going to Leisa's Zumba classes, the energy she has makes you want to give 110%, and her routines, kept me coming back for more every week. You will not find anyone as dedicated to fitness, health and motivating people.

Sue Camilleri

If you want the best motivational, inspirational personal trainer then you can't beat Leisa. I always found Leisa to be positive, helpful, supportive and the best. Leisa helped me not only achieve my goals but surpass them. Thank you Leisa

Hayley Watkins

Just wanted to pass on my thanks for a great 5 week session. My goal was to increase core strength, legs and arms and to increase & maintain flexibility, posture and strength. I was impressed from the very first session learning a new breathing technique and chakras for body healing. Your knowledge and calmness delivers guidance that is easy to follow. I use the release postures often and breathe through the poses and can feel my body realigning with the stretches.

Lisa Winters

Extremely relaxing. I managed to go into a deep meditative state, no mean feat considering the timing was at the end of a three week school holiday break with twin teenage boys and we are in the middle of a renovation at home.

Vidya Gotch

The Thai yoga message had a very deep effect, Leisa, you brought a great deal of loving kindness and humility to the Thai Yoga Massage. Felt free, particularly in chest, hips and back body. Thank-you The Thai yoga massage was like a moving yoga nidra, felt I went very deep with body and clearing on many levels including mind. Leisa is kind and compassionate and felt so much benefit during and afterward with improved blood sugars and sense of wellness. Thank-you dear Leisa


Leisa is a very intuitive Thai Massage Practitioner. She really listens, watches and feels the client's response. Caring and professional, Leisa takes the time to make sure client is totally comfortable physically and mentally before and throughout the massage. This style of massage is full of 'metta' or 'loving kindness' and you will feel safe, supported and nurtured. There are no messy oils or lotions and no wobbly massage tables to climb upon. Let Leisa soothe your busy mind and stressed body for 90 minutes of just letting go. You will be absolutely delighted Danielle

OliviaTrussell Wellbeing Writer

I experienced one of the most divine treatments I have ever received by Leisa.

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