Madi Simmons

Hatha, Hatha Flow, Restorative, Meditation, Chair, Children's Yoga, Yin

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher


​Madi has been practicing  yoga for many years.  She enjoys teaching and spreading the joy of yoga with students from all walks of life and with all abilities.  She has taught students aged between two and 82, with a dedication to those with special needs. 

Madi teaches from her heart, with  focus on raising the awareness.  Her asana classes are a hatha flow, with focus on safety and individual alignment.  Pranayama (breathing exercises) are given due importance in every class as they have long been considered the bridge between the body and the mind. 

"I aim to help every student to experience deep inner peace and joy during a class.  Asana is for stretching and caring for our body, releasing blockages, to keep us flexible and healthy, to prepare us for meditation and to get us through life with ease.  Yoga helps us to develop the capacity to be at ease with all that life can present to us, on a physical, mental and emotional level.  I love the variety of students that come to my classes, and I have been trained to adapt yoga to meet the needs of older students, as well as those with physical challenges.  Yoga is a wonderful gift to those suffering from stress, anxiety or depression.  I love helping others to tune into the present - "Every breath, every moment is a gift, that's why it is called the present!"  [Satchidananda]

In spite of living in the middle of nowhere, Madi has been blessed by incredible teachers from all over the world.  She is currently studying yoga therapy with Ganesh Mohan (Svastha Yoga) and has recently completed online study with Maya Tiwari (Wise Earth School of Ayurveda; author of Woman's Power to Heal).  Madi is studying a Bachelor of  Health, and is a member of International Association of Yoga Therapists.  

"Yoga has changed my life.  I have been hooked ever since my first lessons with Sonia Sumar (Siva Kami) from the Satchidananda lineage.  Sonia teaches Yoga For the Special Child (R) - and I have come to realise that we are all special children!"

Madi teaches in a straight forward and simple style that makes yoga safe and accessible for all ages and all abilities and has led sold out Retreats in Bali, Fiji and Cambodia during the last eighteen years, and is the founder of Nevertire Yoga, (formerly Paradise Yoga) Nevertire, a Yoga Teacher Training school in western NSW.



Madi Simmons

415 Cremorne Road, Nevertire, NSW, 2826


Location Class Days Time
Dubbo Yoga Studio General Hatha Mondays 10 00 am
Dubbo Yoga Studio Yoga for Wellness Mondays 12 00 - 1 00
Dubbo Yoga Studio Meditation Mondays 1 00 - 1 30 pm
Trangie Play Group Mums Thursdays 10 00 am
Warren Playgroup Play Group Mums Alternate Thursdays 10 00 am

""Every moment, every breath is a gift - that's why it's called the present." "

Sri Swami Satchidananda

what people are saying about Madi Simmons


This course is simply life changing - so supportive, informative, and challenging in all areas of life. Whether you want to teach or just become a better human being, Madi's YTT can do it! THANK YOU!! Lizzie


Awesome course! The opportunity provided by Madi through yoga, has set me on a life long journey of inner peace and calmness. I feel I can now rise out of any muddy water, like a lotus. I now have the necessary tools to move through life at peace with myself and with others


Yoga Teacher Training has had a huge impact on me. Through learning yoga and its many elements, I like and trust my body and my mind much more. Loved it all. Loved the teacher.

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