Mischa Telford

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Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

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Having been a longterm student of yoga since 1990, I have been teaching yoga to individuals, couples and groups for the past decade.

My work is a co-creative process with the intention of support for inner connection and enhanced wellbeing, fostering a sense of empowerment within each of my students.

I offer small group classes & individual yoga sessions at my Studio in Watson's Bay, and occasionally offer yoga retreats for small groups on request.

I invite individuals who come to my class to allow themselves to slow down, to listen and pay attention to what is happening within themselves in the present moment, and offer support for each person to practise in a way which meets their own unique needs.

Many people I currently teach work full time in the corporate world, or in the home, and appreciate moving the body with awareness of the breath, as well as learning to focus the mind in the direction most useful to them in the moment. 

Students who continue to practice on a regular basis notice an improvement in their ability to concentrate, to sleep well, and move with ease. Ease may also become apparent within their relationships, both towards themselves and others.

Yoga teachers who I  have studied with over time include: Shandor Remete, Mark Breadner, Karen Schaefer (Ani Pema), Mark Whitwell, Simon Borg- Olivier, Michael de Manincor, and Saraswathi Vasudevan.

My yoga practice and classes incorporate elements of somatic awareness, which I have learnt from Peter Tooth and his teacher, Julie Henderson. 

I have recently completed training as an IAYT accredited Yoga Therapist, with Saraswathi Vasudevan of Yoga Vahini in Chennai. This training has deepened my knowledge of the therapeutic application of yogic techniques for people with specific health concerns.

My training as a Gestalt Psychotherapist supports my relational work with students who attend individual yoga therapy sessions.

Having learnt to chant & study the profound wisdom of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as a longterm member of an ongoing study group with Michael de Manincor, I also teach Yoga Philosophy and Ethics to fellow Yoga Teachers and students of yoga. 


Earth Sky Yoga

8 Jesmond Ave, Vaucluse, NSW, 2030


Location Class Days Time
Earth Sky Yoga Vaucluse Mens Class Monday 6pm
Earth Sky Yoga Vaucluse Open Class Tuesday & Thursday 7am
Earth Sky Yoga Vaucluse Gentle Class Tuesday 10am
Earth Sky Yoga Vaucluse Open Class Wednesday 6pm
Earth Sky Yoga Vaucluse Womens Class Friday 9:30am

""If you can imagine an ideal human container...that ideal energetic container would be infinitely expandable, infinitely contractible, infinitely diffusible, infinitely condensable, with boundaries ranging from steel-like rigidity to mist-like permeabili"

Julie Henderson

what people are saying about Mischa Telford

Tracey Yoga Teacher Trainee Life Source Yoga.

Thank you for a great class at yoga teacher training. Yoga Philosophy is such a vast subject its hard to find a way through it. You made it so clear and instead of feeling overwhelmed and a bit bamboozled you left me intrigued and interested, and I actually retained some important information. Although this subject would take years, if not a life time I now feel I have a starting point. Thank you. There was lots of chatter amongst everyone about the class, and the chanting was amazing.

Linda D.

I love my regular private yoga lessons with Mischa and can't speak highly enough of her dedication and consistently exacting standards applied to every class. Mischa brings deep technical knowledge, insight and great sensitivity to her teaching and provides a calm, peaceful and restorative environment. As well as gaining from the clear physical benefits of her yoga moves (which include enormous help with a shoulder injury),I come away from my practice feeling lighter, more focussed and balanced. A wonderful way to ease life

Yoga Susan

My yoga practice with Mischa is my oasis in an otherwise hectic life! As an experienced yoga instructor Mischa has a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology, and together with her acute sense ot intuition she is able to tailor each practice to meet your individual needs. I started practising yoga over 10 years ago after a back operation when I thought I would never be normal

G. Court

My husband and I have been going to Earth Sky Yoga for four years twice weekly and would highly recommend Mischa. The small classes are wonderful and offer personal attention. Mischa has highly intuitive knowledge of the human body and is especially talented at understanding what type of yoga poses the individual would find most beneficial according to their lifestyle and needs. We leave each class feeling strong, relaxed and peaceful.

Robyn Saranjinsky

I have been attending Mischa's yoga classes for the past two years and in that time she has greatly strengthened my body, corrected my posture and helped with breath control. As an asthmatic all these elements have been extremely beneficial. Mischa always shows great concern with any physical issues her students may be experiencing and, through researching specific conditions as they present, supports her students to relieve any symptoms they may be experiencing.This has been achieved through her gentle and very knowledgable guidance in her lovely and peaceful studio.

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