Nanette Watson

Gentle,Restorative,Therapeutic, relaxation for stress reduction,Over 50's

Registered Level 2 Teacher


Registered Level 2 Teacher

Member No: 1944


What began as a love for asana more than thirty years ago has blossomed into a true passion for yoga. My background as a Registered Nurse has been a solid foundation for teaching and my particular interest in therapeutic yoga and yoga for healthy aging.My intention is to offer a fun and friendly environment where students can feel nurtured and safe and leave class with a renewed sense of health and well being and a deeper connection to their true self.

My greatest enjoyment in teaching yoga is to encourage students to foster an attitude of acceptance and compassion towards themselves, building honest awareness of their own unique body and exploring ways to practice yoga that meet their individual needs.I see the practice of yoga as fundamentally an act of kindness toward oneself. It is a practical philosophy and therapy which changes from day to day according to your personal physical, psychological and spiritual needs at that time.

Teaching has added yet another dimension to my practice by giving  me the amazing opportunity to learn, grow and explore with so many others.I have been influenced by a number of different traditions,disciplines and yoga mentors in particular the work of Judith Hanson Lasater and her application of therapeutic yoga and the teachings of Clive Sheridan,Kate Pell,Julie Hodges and Tamara James  have also been an inspiration to me. 
I enjoy learning as much as I can about yoga and sharing new insights with my students. I regularly attend workshops and retreats both here and overseas and I have  currently completed the first semester of Yoga Anatomy online with Leslie Kaminoff (USA) .After three years of study in the Krishnamacharya tradition I received a Diploma of Yoga Therapy in June 2015. Our primary teacher is  Dr N C Chandrasekaran MBBS assisted by Mr Lara Abiesheikh and  Saraswathi Vasudevan Yogavahini  also from Chennai, India and Leanne Davis The Gap Yoga,Brisbane.
 I gratefully acknowledge the expertise of my teachers and the support and encouragement of my colleagues, students, friends and family . 


Location Class Days Time
Narrabri Aquatic Centre Relax & Renew (once/month only) Saturday 1.00 PM -3.00 PM

"Shriya deyam 'Offer, in abundance, all that you can.'"

The Upanishads

what people are saying about Nanette Watson

Thank you so much for a beautiful session. I felt very strong and grounded afterwards. I loved your closing words as I often struggle with self acceptance.Your generosity and sense of fun give your teaching such genuine and refreshing energy. Libby Gill A

"It's Nan's attitude to the class that makes it so uniquely worthwhile.She carefully prepares each term to contain balance and variety and approaches each individual session with infectious enthusiasm.She seeks to extend us but reminds us not to compete,rather to be mindful of ourselves-a critical concept.I always leave the class feeling more flexible and balanced in both body and mind" Jo Cain 7/1/2014

As I wasn't a regular member to your class I was a bit nervous being amongst people that I mostly hadn't met before. However I found you led this class really well. The directions for the asanas were mostly easily understood and carried out. If there we

I've loved my first yoga experience with you. You take yoga seriously but I love that during the class we can all still enjoy a laugh. Kim Powell Burren Junction

Nan's classes are a good mix of flexibility, strength, meditation/relaxation with a dash of spirituality and all delivered with an infectious passion for yoga.She also caters for all levels of yogis!Sally Hunter Boggabri

Very enjoyable yoga in a supportive,non-threatening,friendly and warm atmosphere .Judy Stump Rowena

The classes are non-confrontational. Everyone is accepted for the level of ability they have . Merrill Johnson Wee Waa

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