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Registered Level 1 Teacher


Registered Level 1 Teacher

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I established Flourish Mindfully (formerly Flourish Yoga & Coaching) in January 2016 to provide yoga, meditation and coaching classes to the local community as a way to facilitate greater quality and appreciation of life; to grow a community of peace, kindness and compassion for all. It's my way of supporting people to flourish and to thrive in their lives.

My vision is for everyone to be aware of the benefits of yoga and meditation and for coaching to be an accepted and sought after tool for living an authentic, connected, content and balanced life.

Flourish Yoga classes are a gentle hatha style incorporating yoga poses (asana), breathing practice (pranayama), self-enquiry, meditation and relaxation. Classes are suitable to all levels with variations offered throughout and students encouraged to work within their ability and honour the philosophy of ahimsa (non-harm) and also the philosophy my yoga teacher Helen Kershaw (Bay School of Yoga), and her teacher Margrit Segesman* passed on - less strain for the most gain; in both yoga and life. It is always more effective to be gentle and kind with ourselves (and of course with others).

I offer weekly yoga classes locally and am also available for meditation classes for groups and individuals in corporate, school and private settings. 

After discovering yoga and meditation in 2005* and practicing weekly for nearly 10 years I decided it was time to extend my practice and also to share the benefits I had realised with my community. My training has been with John Ogilvie at Byron Yoga Centre (200 hours) and Celia Roberts at YIMI (350 hour upgrade course).

If you're looking for more stillness and comfort in just being and to truly relax, yoga can help. If you want to tame the incessant ramblings of your 'monkey mind', and the demands it places on you throughout the day, yoga can help. If you have tension and tightness you'd like to be eased, yoga can help. Our yoga classes work on the physical body through asana (poses) with the breath to bring strength, flexibility and balance. Pranayama (breathing techniques) help balance the nervous system and connect the body and mind; and through our weekly self enquiry we become more self aware and less critical and judgemental of ourselves and others, as we begin to practice the philosophies of kindness, compassion and acceptance.

Whether you can't sit still, have an over scheduled life, are prone to anxiety or unhelpful thoughts; or simply need time out, yoga and meditation will help. There are many styles and every teacher offers something different. I believe there is a style and teacher for everyone and I encourage you to try different classes with different teachers until you find the one that suits you. My yoga classes are a gentle hatha style and incorporate asana (physical poses), pranayama (breathing techniques), self enquiry, relaxation & meditation.

Having experienced first hand many of life's challenges and losses I already had a deep appreciation for life and health, not taking anything for granted and being aware that everyone has their own battle we know nothing about. Yoga and meditation have further taught me to be kind and honest, practicing curiosity and acceptance. And rather than seeking to be happy, I encourage students to cultivate contentment through practicing gratitude. Happiness tends to be a fleeting emotion whereas contentment is a deeper more sustainable feeling that lingers and stays with us.

I teach yoga and meditation to share with others this practice which allows us to manage the curve balls thrown our way and to spread kindness and compassion in the world.

*Margrit Segesman brought yoga to Melbourne in the 1950s, established what is now The Gita School of Yoga. You can read Margrit's story in her book 'Wings of Power' and of the style I practice and teach, in 'Yoga for You' by Lucille Wood who runs the Gita School in Abbotsford, with Di Lucas.

My coaching style comes from the perspective that you already are and have everything you need to fulfil your life's purpose. I work with my clients to identify and build on their strengths and aspects of character that serve them well, to achieve their dreams.

Parkdale Yacht Club

128 Beach Road , Parkdale, VIC, 3195

St Augustine's - Fielder Hall

90-92 Como Parade West , Mentone, VIC, 3194


Location Class Days Time
Parkdale YC Classical Yoga Monday Night 7pm and 8:15pm
St Augustine's Classical Yoga Tuesday Night 7-8pm

"Create moments of space in your day... pause for a moment... follow the breath... as you inhale, fill the body with life force and as you exhale, let go of all that no longer serves you."

Nicky Angelone

what people are saying about Nicky Angelone

Maree (on Facebook)

Nicky creates such a nurturing and peaceful space. She is able to adapt the yoga practice to suit everyone's needs and abilities. I floated out of the class!


After doing Yoga on and off for 30 years. I have found Nicky to be a wonderful teacher and my body is becoming more flexible and stronger after having a break from yoga due to knee injury and operations. Nicky's style is truly to have integrity with your body and mind so there is no expectation to push yourself and competition and ego are best left at the door. It's a truly enjoyable experience and lovely location.


When I leave a Flourish yoga class, I feel different to when I entered. What happens in that time and space on the yoga mat: asanas that are expertly guided; appropriate and varied focus on the breath; reflections on the wisdom of yogic philosophy; and wind down time in savasana, provide inspiration and focus for the week ahead. An additional and significant benefit is that Nicky epitomises what she gently, but expertly teaches.


I feel a lot calmer since commencing yoga and I am a lot more aware of my breathing during stressful times and I put into practice how we are taught to breathe.


This is a gentle, calming class in a lovely space. Love it.


I have gained much more flexibility in my injured shoulder, and enjoy a restful sleep after my class.


Love the flow and the intentions we are learning each week. We are given the same level of nurturing and care each and every class.


I felt I needed to do some sort of exercise but I'm no good at high impact or running . So I had been thinking of doing Yoga for a while now. So glad I have started yoga as I feel so good after my class, my body and mind feel refreshed.

Sharon (on Facebook)

So very grateful to have found Nicky. She creates a warm, friendly and safe space to practice yoga as gently as you need it for you. It's a beautiful class, with good variety of content each week, but always maintaining some core poses, thought provoking teachings with a little time for pranayama. My nurtured body, mind and spirit thank you Nicky.

Kathy (on Facebook)

Nicky's classes clear my mind and leave me feeling optimistic, calm and relaxed. Love the absence of loud music and microphones. Her messages resonate with me in my life into the future.

Rowena (on Facebook)

I have been doing yoga with Nicky for almost a year and I love it! It helps keep me flexible, and relaxes my mind and any tight muscles. My mind and body always feels relaxed and nurtured after a class. I have also commenced the meditation short course which is a fantastic supplement to the yoga. Completed week 2 this week and had the most wonderful night's sleep I've had in a long time. I am learning that meditation can be used for only a few minutes at a time to help calm, relax and re-energise the mind, anywhere, at any moment. Nicky is teaching me that there are many different ways that this can be achieved to suit the individual. Nicky is amazing, and I highly recommend her yoga classes and meditation course.

Kellie (on Facebook)

Ive just completed an Intro to Meditation course with Nicky which I really enjoyed. I am finding it so beneficial, both for handling stressful times for work & at night to help get me back to sleep at 3am when my mind starts racing away.I also decided to try the free yoga class she was offering & loved it. I thought I might get a bit lost during class, but I think she is a perfect teacher! She gently talks you through the moves & reminds you of your breathing rhythms. I didnt feel out of place with the other more experienced students either. Im now going weekly & just loving it. Thanks Nicky - Im so happy I found you!

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