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Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

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Rachel Nokes (PGDYT)
Yoga Therapist / Teacher /Teacher trainer and mentor/ Psychotherapist / Ayurvedic Practitioner / 

I work with a wide variety of clients who are looking to take care of themselves using the tools of Yoga and Ayurveda. These tools include movement, breathing, massage/body treatments, nutrition and simple lifestyle adjustments.

I first studied yoga teaching under the guidance of Katie Mantisas (Jivamukti Yoga) in 2006 and have continued my learning ever since. I now studying in the linage of Krishnamacharya with my teacher for the past decade with Dr N Chandrasekaran.

I study Ayurveda with Dr Rama Prasad, Mother Maya,David Frawley and return to India annual to continue my experience and learning in Yoga therapy and Ayurveda. I have twenty years clinical experience as a counselling therapist and have a Diploma in Counselling and Group work, a Graduate Diploma in Relationship Counselling, Certificates in Ayurveda lifestyle consulting, massage and pharmacy.

I continue to grow and learn along the path of life attending retreats and courses to nourish and inspire me.I look forward to walking the path with you soon ! Please do get in touch. 

Specialisation 1:1 consultation and mentoring 

I offer Yoga teacher mentoring both face to face and via zoom. I'm registered as a Mentor and senior teacher through Yoga Australia. I also share Yoga therapy, Ayurveda and counselling in my private practice (Bulli). Specialising in the management of trauma, stress, relationships, Family of origin work and mental health. I offer a holistic approach given my twenty plus years experience as a psychotherapist, facilitator and trainer. 

My personal interests include: 

  • The Yoga Sūtras of Patanjali
  • Chanting, Mantra, Kirtan and sound practices 
  • Breath centric yoga practice 
  • Prānayama 
  • Ayurveda 

Ray of light yoga Bulli

+61 414 585 688`
20 Cope Place, Bulli , NSW, 2516

Manic Organic

+61 414 585 688
409 Princess Highway, Woonona, NSW, 2517


Location Class Days Time
Ray of light Bulli Open Vinyasa Monday 7.30pm
Ray of light Bulli Open Vinyasa Wednesday 7pm
Ray of light Bulli Open Vinyasa Thursday 9.30am
Ray of light Bulli Open Vinyasa Saturday 9am
Manic Organic Open I hour vinyasa Monday 9.30am

""Offer unto me that which is very dear to thee-which thou oldest most covetable. Infinite are the results of such and offering"""

Bhagavad Gita

what people are saying about Rachel Nokes

Sarah Craine

Thank you Rachel for a joyful practice with a beautiful balance of challenges & rejuvenation going well beyond the physical

Kate and Chris Kline

"Thanks Rachel for the fabulous yoga classes. Chris and I have really enjoyed them and they are a great way to unwind after a day at work whilst working towards bettering our yoga skills in a relaxed atmosphere! You are an excellent teacher and we really look forward to our weekly yoga session with you."

Gretel Van Lane

"When I started yoga therapy, there were many excuses with why I wasn

Tara Goedjen

"Rachel Nokes doesn't just teach the practice of yoga, she lives it. She is the sort of person who radiates peacefulness and love. I was first attracted to Rachel's yoga classes because of her knowledge, intuitive guidance, and relaxing presence, and she has continued to inspire me to this day. The Illawarra is very lucky to have her!" Tara Goedjen - Yoga teacher & PHD Student

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