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Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

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Rachel has been practicing yoga for 35 years and has taught for over 27. She discovered yoga at the age of 19 after being told by a chiropractor that yoga and meditation would help her back problems. She began her studies in Sydney, Australia but later moved to Byron Bay where her training continued in the Iyengar and Ashtanga methods. One of her first teaching engagements was as the Head of Dance at the Northern Rivers Conservatorium in Lismore, NSW.

While living in New York from 2000–2004 Rachel met and mentored with ISHTA yoga founder Alan Finger which led to teaching in his studios for four years. There she co-created and coordinated their Teacher Training Program, becoming a senior facilitator and mentor. Since her return to Australia in 2005, she has gone on to create and facilitate her own teacher trainings and workshops in Australia, India, Bali, Japan, New York and in many major cities in Europe.

Being passionate about Yoga and its many forms she practices Bhakti and studies Gyan Yoga (Self Knowledge) and incorporates the traditional teachings of the Upanishads, Yantra, Mantra and Mudra into her workshops and trainings with her partner and South African yoga and vedanta teacher John Weddepohl

Her classes are often described as a fluid mix of creative playful sequencing, meaningful insights and lighthearted fun

Rachel also co-created and produced a popular Australian Yoga Video series and a Kid's Yoga Video. She is an award-winning musician for her album of chanting and devotional song, Sita Ram, and has since produced two more CDs with Nyck Jeanes as the band Subway Bhaktis. She now shares Kirtan nationally and Internationally with John, an award winning musician and singer/songwriter:  They are currently working on their first CD together

Rachel has been a featured presenter on many international festivals including the Bali Spirit Festival, Bhakti Yoga Summer, The Berlin Yoga Festival, The Barcelona Yoga Festival and the Uplift Festival in Byron Bay, Australia.

She is a published poet in several anthologies including the Poetry of Yoga, which was published in 2011. She writes for mindbodygreen, yoginit, the global yogi, travel yoga and many more online magazines and most recently has developed a passion for creating short films.  her new book Yoga for Diabetes, How to Manage your health with Yoga and Ayurveda is available through Amazon or where all good books are sold.https://amzn.to/2Wr1RjN

Rachel is now available for mentoring through the Yoga Australia mentorship program


Rachel Zinman Yoga

, Byron Bay, NSW, 2481


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Seeker +Kind Yoga Studio Mullumbimby Hatha Flow Tuesdays 6-7.30 pm

"Learning to teach and live yoga is a vocation of the heart"

Rachel Zinman

what people are saying about Rachel Zinman

Emma - Australia

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful retreat in Byron in July. I have been becoming disheartened in my yoga practise of late as I started teacher training with a senior Iyengar teacher but dropped out as he was not the right teacher for me and I have been searching for something, though I didnt really know what. I feel I found it in you and what you teach. It was wonderful to discover I could come to the retreat as I had just finished reading Autobiography of a Yogi and felt a deep connection to Yogananda I think he was guiding me there! I would love to do your teacher training one day Thank you again you are a true gift to the world.

Jila Regan

my teacher training with rachel in 2005 changed my life... for the better! my original intent was just to go deeper into the roots and foundations for a practice I had been with for 6 or 7 years but had really only been skimming the surface. i learned so much about my own body and how to practice in a way that was supportive for me and how to help students find their unique way of working in poses to support their structure and constitution. the one month course helped build a new foundation for my practice, and lay the path for my teaching, which i have continued with. rachel is a caring and supportive yoga teacher, whose enthusiasm and love for what she does comes through her teaching. over the years that i have known rachel, i have seen her continue to blossom and grow in her embodiment of yoga and self knowledge, and it has been a pleasure and honor to study and teach with her. rachel's unique teaching style which blends both dynamic flowing asana with meditation and bhakti yoga is a gift to her students.

Diane Talty

My experience of doing a retreat with Rachel was so rewarding, my practice has gone to a deeper level. Rachel is a nurturing, attentive and highly experienced teacher. I can't wait to learn more from her.

Lisa Fitzpatrick

Ecstatically life changing - Rachel's trainings are a powerful and profound opportunity to be forever changed for the better. I feel deeply blessed by my experiences with her work.

Karen Wightman

Rachel is a supportive, creative and passionate teacher. I met Rachel in 2007 shortly after graduating from a teacher training. Although the training I had completed was transformative, my initial meeting and experience of Rachel as a teacher ignited a deep heart connection within myself and to the practice. That was it, I was captivated by Rachel's authenticity, extensive knowledge and experience, her pure devotion and the diversity of practices that she incorporated within her classes. I spent the next 5 years taking every opportunity to study with her. Finally last year I was fortunate enough to be Rachel's assistant on the 7 week training. The blend of Bhakti, mantra, mudra, tantra, Ayurveda, dynamic vinyasa and now self knowledge is a true gift that she shares with all in a beautifully sacred yet practical and safe way. It is an honour to be both a student and friend of such a dedicated teacher with an open heart and always available to offer guidance. You will be inspired by her passion and fall deeply in love with all she shares and leave this training ready to share this gift.

Rianna Begg

I have now sat two teacher trainings with Rachel, the first in 2006, and again last year. I loved it so much I'll be heading north for it again this year! She has such a depth of knowledge that there is always something new to learn from her, and many of her old students revisit to share the space again and again. It helps that as a Bhakti she has a gift for creating mind-blowingly beautiful spaces! I love the way Rachel's trainings are presented. Yoga is such a big business these days that it is really hard to know which training to chose, and it is a big financial risk to just chose any old training. The ISHTA system teaches you about yoga, and about yourself, so that when you finish, you are confident to be a yoga teacher. Rachel offers a really complete training where you learn not only about teaching Asana, but about true, real yoga, with none of the branded hype. You also learn about yourself. Her asana classes really focus on safe alignment which I love, and the knowledge she shares about mantra, yantra, tantra, ayurveda and philosophy is offered at a depth not generally encountered in a teacher training. If you want to do a training up in Byron Bay, and you're not sure which one then this is the one for sure - I have been to classes with teachers from other trainings in the area and after chatting to them, I have again felt grateful for the depth of knowledge imparted in the trainings I have sat with Rachel, as I think there is something very unique and personal about the way you learn when you approach yoga from a perspective of self knowledge.

Jody Vassalo

Rachel Zinman is a wonderfully warm, honest, open and generous teacher. Her knowledge of asana and yoga philosophy is amazing and truly inspiring. Rachel's teacher training gives you an excellent foundation to become a teacher, the information contained within the course is extensive and I still to refer to my training manual on a regular basis. Byron Bay is the perfect location to do the training, with wonderful beaches and loads of great things to see and do in the local area.

Meg Tanaka

This is the best investment you can do for yourself. Leave your busy life for a few weeks and surround yourself with beautiful nature and lovely people, and really spend time with yourself. You will be surprised how much you will discover about yourself and how life is so simple. Rachel is an experienced yogi with years of experience in teaching, and has so much passion to share that with people. If you would like to know more than just asanas, this is the course for you.

Alyssia Newton

I have experienced rachel's teacher training three times now and each time i can't believe how much i take away with me. my original training was in 2007. i am from the united states and had been searching for a teacher training over the years and found rachel online. even though i felt a strong pull towards rachel and her philosophies, i had been burned once before when i chose a teacher training in india that looked good on paper (online), but in reality was not anything like what it promised to be. naturally, i was having a hard time committing. coincidentally, i met an australian woman in california who had attended rachel's classes and got a very enthusiastic recommendation for her as a teacher, which resulted in my decision to take the leap and go for it. i have never looked back. rachel is an amazing teacher: so nurturing, passionate, inspiring, intelligent, generous, funny, playful, encouraging, supportive and kind-hearted. i have had a 180* turnaround in many aspects of my life because this teacher training helped me to open up in so many ways. with the addition of john weddepohl's teachings in self knowledge there really isn't anything more you could ask for. if you have been wanting to delve deeper into your yoga practice and yourself, i can highly recommend this teacher training: in my experience, it was totally worth making the leap for.

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