Radhika Randall

Ayur, Corporate, General, Gentle, Hatha, Seniors, Yoga Therapy

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

Member No: 215

  1. Yoga Teacher, Educator and Presenter

    2. Born in India, and brought up to the ways. Currently - Co-Director of Yoga plus Therapies Brisbane.

    3. Served as National Committee member of YA. Senior Member (Level 3) YA 1000 of Yoga Australia. Accredited Yoga Therapist member of AAYT.

    4. Past & present: Awarded her Arangetram in Classical Indian Dance, dance teacher, Tai Chi Qigong Instructor, Ayurvedic practitioner, Marma point massage therapist, high school teacher, accredited Yoga Therapist.

    5. Achievements: Winner of 2 awards in Group Fitness Instructor of the years 2010 and 2011. Co-produced books Yoga +, Stronger for Longer, Yoga DVD, numerous Meditation and Relaxation CD. Has freely trained 7 Yoga devotees to teach Yoga.

    6. Radhika presents and teaches yoga, relaxation and meditation widely to hospitals, government organisations, corporate, community and privately. She has over 10000 hours of Yoga teaching experience, and has worked tirelessly to promote Yoga and Meditation.

    7. Radhika's aim of Yoga is to enhance Awareness, go Within, and generate inner health and wellbeing. Her teachings therefore utilise the principle of the Middle Path. Radhika teaches traditional Yoga, using modern research, and safe and natural movement. Her style is characterised by choreographed sequencing, 3 levels of practice, and the use of Sound and Mantra to train and focus the Mind. She adores Indian music. 

Yoga Plus Therapies

07 3342 1480
Parooba Avenue , Camp Hill, QLD, 4152

Yoga plus Therapies Camp Hill - Church of Christ Hall

+61 07 33421480
18 Third Street , Camp Hill, QLD, 4152

Yoga Plus Therapies Chandler

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Location Class Days Time
18 Third St Camp Hill Stillness & Flow Yoga Monday 9.30am
Chandler Yoga General Monday 6.15pm
Chandler Yoga General Tuesday 11am
Chandler Tai Chi Qigong Wednesday 8am
18 Third St, Camp Hill Strong & Simple Yoga Wednesday 7pm
18 Third St, Camp Hill Super Easy Super Gentle Yoga Thursday 9.30am
18 Third St, Camp Hill Yoga Combo Thursday 6.30pm
Stones Corner Gentle Yoga for Women Monday 4.00pm
Coorparoo Chair Strength Yoga Tuesday 4.00pm
Chandler Gentle Yoga Wednesday 9.00am

"Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let the pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place, ÃÆ"

what people are saying about Radhika Randall

Dianne K, longterm private student

Thanks for the yoga program that we did last week. I really enjoyed it and felt so good afterwards. It just seems the right thing for me to be doing at the moment.

Jenny T-B

And Radhika, need I say I LOVE coming to your Bollywood dancing? Every single thing about it is positive. For some exercise pursuits, I have to gird my metaphoric loins, but an hour with you and Bollywood is pure joy, part of the icing on lifes cake.

Meg Chandler, Wellness Coordinator, Wellness Centre, Greenslopes Private Hospital

Your sessions are very successful. I am so glad that the participants want more it shows how valuable the sessions are for them! I heard the Chair Yoga was fantastic! The feedback has been fabulous. Thank you very much.

Doreen C, longterm yoga student

Thank you Radhika for you friendship and encouragement over the years. I have benefited greatly from my introduction to yoga.

Prue D, Ayurveda consultations

Im in the process of changing my life now and bringing better things and more peace into it. Thanks for your advice over the time Ive visited you.

Jessica K

Thank you so much for the bollywood dance experience, I had a lot of fun!

Gabrielle P, Tantra student

I am really enjoying the Friday meditation class.

Sheila S, tai chi student

I would like to thank you for giving me such a good grounding and some excellent exercises which I have really incorporated into my routines and I do use regularly. I have been going to the park during my lunch break to practise its such a portable art/exercise.

Kat R, Yoga teacher and shiatsu therapist

Thank you very much for every single sentence you wrote to me. Everything resonated very powerfully within meThank you very much for all your insight. You have already given me much food for thought. Thank you for your time so far!

Michelle C (private classes, pregnancy yoga)

I found today fantastic. Just what I need!!! Thanks again Radhika. Also, I love the meditation!!!

Megan M, longterm Yoga student

I appreciate all the help from you and your gifted partner. I look forward to your yoga lessons.

Leonie D, Bollywood Dance and Yoga student

I will see you tomorrow I hate missing dance classes they are one of the highlights of my week. Keep spreading your happy nature you are a ray of sunshine wherever you go.

Jonathan Murphy, Brisbane YogaFest organiser

Thank you both for your class at yogafest. I heard wonderful feedback on your class!

Deearnah De Marco, Health and Fitness Supervisor, Sleeman Sports Complex

Your classes are always so popular here Radhika and enjoyed by so manythe people (yoga and tai chi students) so enjoy your class and your energy.

Kate Fallick, yoga teacher

...get to spend more time with you and receive some of the ample wisdom you have to share...

Nicole da Siva, RSL Self Care

...as usual, my staff loved your session. Some came up to me to say they hadnt realised how stiff their bodies were and how now they were interested in doing some yoga. They absolutely loved the Bollywood session. I had a couple of my physiotherapists at the session and they too thought it was just great.

Celia Roberts, YIMI Yoga teacher training Course

Thank you so much for sharing with us your insight and deep knowledge over the past few days. Our students will be better for it. I thought your teachings were wonderful and it was lovely to see that over the past couple of days that the students had learned what you taught them very well. That is an amazing feeling for me - provides a deep sense of security in fact. Heart felt thank you.

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