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Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

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""When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth is useless, and intelligence cannot be applied""

Herophillus 335-280bc

what people are saying about Roman Kouzmenko

Cath Peters, Co-curricular Co-ordinator ÃÆââ‚ÂÂ

Roman has been teaching Yoga at our school to Year 10 and 11 students for the last five years. His classes have been so popular with our students that they have been full to bursting each term. Many students have requested repeat enrolments because they have enjoyed the benefits of Romans teaching and have become passionate believers in the practice. I would highly recommend Romans teaching.

Natasha Gibb

I have been taking lessons with Roman for a few months now and the change in both my health and my fitness has been positive and at times, remarkable. Roman is considerate of my limitations and adjusts sessions according to my energy on the day. I know that Ive only seen the tip of the iceberg of Romans ability as he moderates his poses to help me achieve my best. I feel that I am learning tools for life and Roman is patiently handing me more as I am ready. I am so very thankful for his commitment to helping others and for his compassion for peoples health. Roman warned me early on that Calligraphy Yoga is addictive and he was not wrong!

Karen Buckingham, Osteopath

I have been attending yoga classes at Southside Yoga Studio in Malvern for the past 3 years. I have been so impressed with the quality of the classes and the positive impact it has had on my body that I now get up at 6am three times a week to attend the early morning class. I am stronger and more flexible than I was 20 years ago and have not sustained any injuries in the process. The experience has been such a revelation that I would like to share it with other healthcare professionals.

Rachel Solomon, mother

My son, Jack, has been practicing yoga with Roman for approximately 18 months. When he first began, he had very little strength and endurance as he had been suffering severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Roman was immediately sensitive to his limits and his capabilities and created the best and most appropriate yoga practice for his condition. It was a great testament to Roman that Jack felt better for doing the classes and was enthusiastic to return each week, especially when all other physical exertion had made him feel exhausted. Over time, Jacks condition has slowly improved and Roman has modified the practice accordingly. I very strongly recommend Roman for his knowledge, enthusiasm, compassion and encouragement.

Lyndon Cookson, office manager

Before coming to Romans you classes I had trouble with my back from sitting at a desk all day. My lower back was weak and often injured when lifting, and my upper back was stiff and not moving very well. With both problems being a result of my posture when at work I decided to get some help fixing it up. When talking to Roman about my back issues he gave me clear advice on what movements to alter or avoid so that I could prevent further injury. He also have me very good advice on what movements will help strengthen my lower back, and start to bring more flexibility to my upper back. After regularly attending weekly classes I started to notice improvements in the strength of my lower back and flexibility of my upper back which only continued to improve as I continued coming to class. Throughout the whole process of getting my back in shape Roman has been encouraging and supportive while openly sharing his knowledge with me. This has allowed me to be relaxed and confident during the process, which I have been very grateful for. If you are looking for someone to help you with any aspect of your health I can highly recommend Roman.

Sue Jaquinot

I have been doing yoga for about 15 years ,and this form with Roman's teaching ,has been the most enjoyable and beneficial. There is no dogma ,it's all about health and well being . The movements are fluid, interesting and the end result leaves me pretty calm and centred. It's addictive- in a good way.

Henrik Axelsson

Roman would be the best yoga teacher I have been to. Highly recommended his knowledge and understanding are fantastic.

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