Sadhvi Shivjyoti Puri

Pranayama, Hatha, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Therapy, Yin Yoga

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

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Shivjyoti has always inspired her students to practice Yoga & Meditation as a series of techniques that unfold our inner qualities with the sole purpose of living extraordinary lives to our highest potential. Driven by the absoloute possibility of personal transformation through Yoga she is dedicated to sharing this ancient science as a path to inner and outer fulfilment. She is recognised by the Indian Embassy and has been invited to meetings with the Indian Prime Minister in representation of authentic Yoga in Australia.   

As a highly qualified and trained yoga and meditation teacher she spent 15 years in training and dedicated service travelling extensively. Through personal experience, learning from her mentor and with the understanding that Yoga (meaning union) is a complete and comphrensive path she says "spirituality means activity and creativity, nothing passive or temporary its a path through which we learn to handle all our life experiences with wisdom and dynamic clarity leading us through to a positive outcome in everythingā€¯. 

Her dedication saw her initiated as a Swami in 2013 and travelled to the Himalayas with her Guru where he instructed her to pass on the Light of Shree Alakhpuriji Siddha Peetha Parampara, this light is an eternal guiding principle. 

Her aim is that we recognise our inner potential and re-orintate our lives to reveal it, live it and give it. 





Shivoham Yoga

83 Ludstone Street , Hampton, VIC, 3188

"Spirituality means activity and creativity, it's purity of spirit which shines through everything one does, speaking for itself."

what people are saying about Sadhvi Shivjyoti Puri


I always look forward to yoga and meditation with Shivjyoti, an inspired teacher! I cant recommend her classes highly enough. She not only has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the techniques, but is a true spiritual leader. I finish every class feeling calm, peaceful, and with my body and mind aligned and ready for the challenges of life.

Susan Jabore

I truly enjoy doing the yoga class with Shivjyoti. Her knowledge and experience of the holistic effect on the mind, body and spirit is wonderful. When she shares this with us during class it also helps me to understand my body more. When doing relaxation at the beginning of class it is the greatest relief when I hear her voice as the class begins. I know the class will be great and also know I will leave feeling much better. She has a beautiful gentle, calming energy about her and is always interested and aware that everyone in the class is ok and gaining all they can from their yoga experience. Can easily recommend Shivjyoti's classes - more people have benefited from her guidance than she may ever know Love Susan Jabore

Dan Turner

Connection, balance and service to others are Shivjyoti's forte and passion..! Shivjyoti's extensive experience in understanding the philosophical, energetic and physical elements of yoga are carefully woven into eachclass to deliver a truly authentic and personalised practice! Integral to her success as a much loved and respected teacher is a genuine commitment to the well-being of all students. With creatively sequenced asanas to emphasise alignment and energy flow, use of the breath to synchronise mind/body, and practical tips for daily life; her integrated approach mindfully guides a student back to their nature state of balance, connectedness and harmony. From arrival into the yoga space, through the richness of each moment, to the clarity and awareness received, Shivjyoti will inspire, energise and support you on your spiritual path. In gratitude, Dan Turner


"Not your ordinary yoga teacher; Swami Shivjyoti is an amazing teacher. In a nutshell, where she goes, I will follow. A key lesson in yoga is non-attachment to people, to objects, to expectations, but I feel connected to my wonderful teacher. My co-worker asked me recently What makes a good yoga teacher" and Shivjyoti came to mind immediately, she is terrific and hands down my favourite teacher. Swami Shivjyoti is technically excellent, understands each and every pose, the anatomy and how the body is connected to the mind and spirit. Experienced, Shivjyoti shares her knowledge freely with patience and kindness. It is not all about yoga poses and I have learned about this philosophy of yoga through her classes and also how to take the practice off the mat and into my daily life. I have struggled with depression my whole life and through regular practice finally feel as though I can manage my depression and emotions, rather depression own me. I have met wonderful people through Shivjyoti's classes and cant highlight the benefits enough; builds mental health and resilience, physical strength and emotional well-being. I see the world through a different lens. Thank you Shivjyoti for your lessons and commitment to all your students, you are terrific. Roxy xx

Kim Regan

Some people are born to be teachers. Shivjyoti is one of those people, a natural insightful teacher. Explaining the benefits to the asanas for body and mind. I do believe one of the best yoga teachers in Brisbane

Kate Donnoley

Shivjyoti is an inspired teacher. I cannot recommend her classes highly enough. She not only has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the asanas, but is a true spiritual leader. I finish every class feeling calm, peaceful, and with my body and mind aligned and ready for the challenges of life

Danielle & John

A VERY SPECIAL TEACHER I have be looking for a yoga teacher for a long time. It is fantastic to finally find an authentic teacher who actually teaches Yoga in its truest form and not just physical movement. A worthwhile inner journey and a real pleasure to attend Shivjoti's classes.

India Suter

EXHILARATING. FIRST TIME EVER AT A YOGA CLASS. LIFE CHANGING At 44 years of age I ventured into a Yoga class today with Shivoham Yoga for the first time. With some initial trepidation, I placed my trust and faith in the able hands of Shivjyoti who considerately crafted a lesson that propelled me into a state of calm, deep relaxation & freedom. I felt as light as a feather, I felt agile & 'released'. I've never exercised & have lived what can best be described as a sedentary lifestyle. I've had spinal fusion, recent thyroid surgery & have a form of rheumatoid arthritis which often renders me debilitated & fatigued. My sleep is normally disturbed & I rely need physio & massage therapy for my muscle spasms. Today, unlike before, I felt normal. Correction - I felt better than normal. I felt invigorated! My muscles are longer, more supple, less painful & I learned how to breathe! I've been breathing incorrectly and have been robbing my body of oxygen that it needs. This is where Shivjyoti excels: in addition to stepping me through the lesson (with care & thoughtfulness), she layers the experience by teaching us why! It's an education delicioulsy wrapped up in a beginners yoga class. I have long claimed that I am unable to meditate. With her beautiful voice guiding me towards relaxation, Shivjyoti managed to do what no other before her had ever accomplished. Complete calm. Nothing. Just peace. Rarely do I share such personal things - I share my experience in the hope that it too may help others take that leap of faith, as I did today.

Warren Simpson

Often as we get older we think we are beyond the youth of our past..Not so in a class with Shivjyoti. All seems possible and inspiring.. A spriritual master with yoga as her tool allows a perfect mix of spiritual awakening and physical development.. we are blessed

Chris Wilkinson

I appreciate Shivjyoti's authentic yoga and the genuine interest she has in her students progress. I leave Shivyoti's classes feeling uplifted and with practical self-improvement ideas.

Jade Wellington

I gain so much from Shivjyoti's classes! I start the class not always aware of what I need, but Shivjyoti 'just knows' and shares relevant knowledge and guidance throughout the postures, relaxation and meditation. This is genuine insightfulness, and the wellbeing benefits taught are invaluable. I highly recommend this class.


I've been to many yoga classes, and Shivjyoti is the most amazing yoga teacher I've ever come across - her classes are so peaceful and her instructor voice is so soothing. I am sure you will leave feeling free of anxiety and energised!

Alana Newman

As a person who has tried a number of different yoga classes, I can honestly say that Shivjyotis classes are unsurpassed. She possesses a gentleness and wisdom well beyond her years. The classes are suitable for any level of yoga student and she creates a warm and peaceful space for her students to practice. The classes are perfectly integrated and combine yoga, meditation, breath and discussion. I would recommend it to anyone wishing to connect more fully with himself or herself. It is an absolute privilege to attend.

Erika Saint

I just love going to Shivoham's classes. They are so calm and powerful. Shivjyoti is an excellent teacher who really knows her "stuff". I always look forward to treat my body and soul. It's so right!

Adam Buchanan

Shivjyoti has a beautiful soul. Every meditation she has guided me through has been a joy to attend. Her words are wise and her presence is calming. She embodies the teachings of the gurus, and I thank her

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