Satyen (Thomas Schmitz)

Hatha, Trauma informed Yoga

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

Member No: 5192


Satyen  is a Medical Doctor,  Transformational Therapist
Yoga/Meditation Teacher ( Senior Registered Teacher YA/Certified BYV)
with additional trainings in
Trauma resolution Somatic Experiencing ©,
Breath Work, Bioenergetics and Human Design analysis,.
He also studied and practiced Meditation and Tantra
whilst living with his Master in the Himalayas.

Satyen offers guidance and support through individual sessions and small groups , he teaches regular, as well as trauma informed yoga classes and workshopsin Perth West Australia

Yoga teacher since 1994

Regular classes and personal sessions

Trauma Yoga courses and individual trauma sessions, Somatic experiencing 


10 Gurney Rd., Spearwood, WA, 6163

what people are saying about Satyen (Thomas Schmitz)

Lorna L.

Having experienced the effects of trauma on my nervous system for the last three years I have embraced anything that offered relief from the adrenalin induced anxiety and constant exhausting hypervigilant state that I experience. This yoga class has been a godsend and something I have looked forward to every Saturday for the duration of the course. Satyen is respectful and encourages respect for oneself in honouring what our bodies are telling us they need. Since my accident and once I was up and moving again I have barely sat still. Bullying myself into being fully functioning every day at all costs and all movement has been at superfast pace. This is what I thought I needed to recover. A case of believing if I just kept doing everything I have always done my body would get used to it and move on. Instead I have just become more and more overwhelmed. In the very first class Satyen encouraged us to just go with what our bodies wanted not what our brain was telling us and I found mine barely wanted to move at all. There was no being forced into difficult poses or being instructed to breathe at a certain pace. There was no success or failure, right or wrong just space to rest and find calm. In short I would say that there were no demands placed on us at all. No goals that had to be achieved and it was very restful to be in that space. Every class since then has been a gift of comfort that I have not found anywhere else. Apart from wanting the class to be ongoing, there is nothing I would change. Thank you Satyen.

Janice Ch, Publisher

Starting to practise yoga at 42 was a huge challenge for me. While I have since continued at a moderate pace, Satyen has been very inspiring, supporting and encouraging. His clarity and enthusiasm make every class a unique and rewarding experience for me. Satyen is a nurturing, patient and generous soul, this inspires me to explore myself and the world we live in through Yoga. Satyen is a natural teacher who maintains a consistent and high level of spiritual and attention to his teaching, and is a constant inspiration to me. His compassion and sense of humour create a relaxed and enjoyable environment in which to learn. My yoga practice has positively affected both my physical and mental well-being, and Satyens enthusiasm and warmth motivate me to integrate yoga into my often-hectic schedule

Alice C. School teacher

Satyen is an excellent Yoga teacher. He is able to teach to all levels while taking care of the individual. His knowledge of the body and his understanding of yoga means I always enjoy the class, leaving relaxed but challenged, with more strength and flexibility

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