Shaik Hakeem

Ashtanga Yoga

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher


Shaik Hakeem (also called Guru Dave) practicing yoga over 50 years as a serious yoga Sadhaka (yoga practitioner).  He is trained in yoga methodology which rooted in Himalayan tradition of Yoga guru His Holiness Ramalal Prabhuji.  His direct teacher was Yoga Charya R Rama Rao, the founder of Yoga Consciousness Trust, Vijinigiri (main Ashram), India.

He was trained in Hata and Raja yoga techniques and learnt advanced yoga practices such as Kriyas, Mudras, Pratyahara and Dharana.

He was trained in advanced Yoga Consciousness practice under traditional yoga Guru Parampara (Ancient Indian teacher-student lineage).

This practice guides to attain a perfect integrated personality involving a systematic training in the physical, mental and spiritual planes through the method of Anushtana Yoga Vedanta. In other words a systematic application of Eastern philosophy through yoga practice leading to ‘inner’ analysis that guides body, mind and heart in harmony.

He is a doctorate in meteorology and worked in several universities as teaching professional and worked as an operational meteorologist with Bureau of Meteorology, Australia.

He is one of the founding members of Yoga Consciousness Trust in India and the founder of International Institute of Yoga Consciousness in Australia (IIYC).

IIYC mission is to deliver an unbiased, authentic scientific training program that combines Hata and Raja yoga methods. The training programs are not shadowed by any religious, cultural and spiritual beliefs and only aim to enhance ones physical, mental and spiritual health.

The purpose of training is to walk through the necessary techniques to enjoy the extraordinary benefits of yoga and apply in one’s day-to-day life, nurture body and spirit for healthy, harmonious and happy living.

Apart from individual training and mentoring, he delivers group programs on relaxation, stress management, concentration and level one higher yoga practice.  This is done through online programs, face to face workshops and advanced yoga retreats at different locations.

International Institute of Yoga Consciousness

Ironwood Street, Aspley, QLD, 4034


Location Class Days Time
Ironwood Street, Aspley Stress Management 2 5.00pm

"Yoga presents a system of liberating the spiritual essence from this involvement, this entanglement in mental and physical processes. It achieves the effect of restoring the spiritual consciousness to its pristine state, its untrammelled, pure original st"

Lectures on Raja Yoga by Swami Chidananda, The Divine Life Society

what people are saying about Shaik Hakeem

Michael Mullins

It gives me a great honor to write a few words in-regards to Hakeem and his higher yoga teaching. I was fortunate enough to gain from him and allow me to learn and experience Raja Yoga. I first met Hakeem in 2003 as I interested in learning a spiritual yoga not the commercial yoga that a lot of people in the western world are into the physical ones. From the moment I met him and continue to do his classes initially in a small group but for a long period it was one on one classes where I was fortunate to grow in my understanding and practice of Raja Yoga. Got several experiences including Kundalini awakening. The benefits I gained within a short period of time were incredible and my life improved so much - I continued to do yoga with Hakeem and the small group of students for a number of years. - I still find the yoga breathing and meditation is so powerful and beneficial. I still continue higher yoga practice (mentored by Hakeem) and do it when I have the opportunity blending with my day to day life. I will be forever indebted to Hakeem for not only his generous giving of knowledge on Raja Yoga but also as a dear friend and mentor.

Rachel K

Dr Shaik Hakeem is a very knowledgeable yoga teacher. He provides individual attention to his students, tailored to their needs. He helps to build the confidence to progress in their yoga path at every step. Dr Shaik Hakeem has tremendous patience, gives his students the mental strength they need to move forward and helps them see that he/she can achieve more than they think they can. Dr Shaik Hakeem's positivity, care and encouragement towards his students is commendable. I couldn't have accomplished this far in my yoga path but for Dr. Hakeem.

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