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Registered Senior Teacher

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I began my yoga journey at yoga Moves Paddington Sydney in 1996. It was here where I connected with my teacher of 23 years Trevor Tangye. Through Trevor’s teachings I have absorbed traditional yoga from the lineage of Krishnamacharya and Shandor Remete. My personal practise began with Astanga yoga and has developed over 19 years. The last five years my focus has shifted from Astanga to learning shadow yoga privately once a week with Trevor. In 2005 I met my teacher of the Satyananda lineage Mardi Bell. With Mardi I completed a two year hands on apprenticeship teaching at her studio Yoga Ways and then later The Yoga Collective in Terrigal up until last year.
I was fortunate to be able to teach prenatal classes while with child. As my daughter grew I was inspired to teach yoga to children studying with Lorraine Rushton. My experience of yoga has been enhanced over the years through key workshops with world renouned teachers such as Shandor Remete, Emma Belnaves, Simon Borg Oliver, Eileen Hall, Pattabhi Jois, Sharath Rangaswamy, Dena Kingsburg, Graeme Northfield, Lino Miele, Gregor Maele. I draw my expertise from the experience of my own yoga practise and from a diversity of teachings with an aim to only teach what is necessary for a well balanced practise. I am conscious of the importance of absorption during the practise of yoga therefore during class I will be mindful to introduce technical points only when they are necessary for the student to take appropriate action during the activity.
My primary teaching is that of traditional Hatha yoga. Having also studied a bachelor of fine arts I have a strong passion for the creative process. I design yoga sequences reflecting on the principle known as vinyasa- Krama. Krama meaning- to step, nyasa meaning- to place and vi- in a special way. Therefore my sequences are put together to ensure a beginning, middle and conclusion. Within this format I choose asana that form a progression inviting one asana to set up the body for the next. I only choose asana I myself have embodied and understand in order to prescribe correctly to a group or specific to an individual. The sequence will contain circular movements that progress from fluid through to static ending in stillness. I honour the rhythms that are important in yoga and consider the time of day, the seasons and the moon cycles to guide my classes. Counterposes also take significance to keep the body balanced. Modifications for poses will be prescribed to individual students in a class to meet their needs and ensure their safety. I encourage my students to begin slowly building a strong foundation with patience and persistence. Focusing awareness on feeling and activity will encourage an open, sensitive and fluid mind that allows the body’s natural wisdom to unfold.
I am currently studying Ayurveda, in order to compliment my yoga teaching and to develop a more extensive knowledge of how the gross and subtle bodies work. I look to traditional ancient text of yoga to enhance my teaching and make a consceintious effort to teach what is valid in our modern society. Yoga is not a physical practise it is a spiritual system with the ultimate goal in becoming enlightened. Yoga is a tool for the individual to be true to themselves and to develop higher consciousness. My aim is to guide my students through a yoga session that leaves them feeling fulfilled, energized yet calm and grounded. Ultimately aiming through yoga to reduce the emphasis on external existence and help the individual internalize. Twenty years of experience in the hospitality industry has allowed me to develop a keen sense of interpersonal skills and a strong value of connection, enabling a good repour with students and co-workers alike. I am ready to serve anybody that is drawn toward my light in hope to transform their everyday life into enlightened living through yoga.

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139 Artamon Rd Artamon Hatha yoga class Saturday 4.30pm

""Agni is the expression of Purusha as concentrated, condensed awareness, which becomes the flame of light, the flame of attention""

Pg 82 textbook Vol 1 Ayurveda Vasant Lad

what people are saying about Simone Lambert

Duncan Pedrana

Yoga was something I had been thinking about starting for a while, but knew very little about. One day I came home and found one of Simone's flyers in my mailbox. I called her up and began yoga. The first impression I got was that Simone was very authentic and took her yoga and her teaching seriously, meaning it was much more than just getting bendy

Tanya Heart

I was first introduced to Simone at Yoga Ways, East Gosford, where she taught me in a Pregnancy class, and then continued to teach me in a Mums and Bubs class. Both of these classes required a lot of careful attention and direction and Simone did this with confidence, instilling my trust in her teaching. Throughout the next 10 years our paths as teacher and student crossed several times, but in the last 2 years I became a regular student again through her business Yoga and You. In this time, Simone was still actively practicing and learning from her teacher so that she could bring as much knowledge as possible to her own teaching. Simones teaching was always evolving because of this, and she shared her knowledge wholeheartedly with her students. Simones enthusiasm for teaching was reflected by always being well prepared for classes. They started with a short discussion about the focus for the class, and nearly always offered some reading material and diagrams to accompany this. Her instruction in asana was detailed but clear, and her adjustments were always light and in-tune with our breath. Pre-existing injuries were noted at the beginning of each class and asana levels were tailored to the individual. On a professional level our yoga space and props were always clean, the room temperate and beautifully styled with fresh flowers and art. I would have no hesitation in recommending Simones teaching from beginner to advanced practitioners of yoga. Her teaching is unique, diverse and beautifully balanced to suit students from all styles of yoga.

Adam Jones

I first met Simone as a student in a Yogaways class at East Gosford about 15 years ago. The strength and ease of Simone's practise inspired me to start my ashtanga journey. Soon after this Simone became my teacher and mentor in Yoga. Her indepth knowledge and teaching of the 8 limbs of yoga showed that there was so much more to yoga. Simone was my teacher here for a couple of years, and then i followed her as the studio moved to Wamberal , Terrigal and her own private studio at Chittaway. Over the years Simone has managed to inspire and teach me so much about yoga, even to the extent i have become a teacher. To me Simone teaches the pure essence of yoga, the real yoga and not just asanas. I am proud to have had Simone guide me on the yoga journey.

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