Susan Hughes

Dynamic Woman's Health Classes, Private Classes, Working with children with disabilities. Morning weight loss classes. Bringing the body back into alinement.

Registered Level 1 Teacher


Registered Level 1 Teacher

Member No: 703


Susan is a fully qualified YTAA instructor with over 14 years teaching experience and holds diplomas with Ryoho Yoga & Qi Yoga. 

Woman's health is such a passion of mine and I have been teaching a group of ladies now for the past 14 years.

I have been teaching the teachers at St Augustines College for the past 13 years.  

For the past 4 years I have been working with the Sony Foundation and teaching yoga to the children with physical and mental disabilities at the Ignatian Camp at Riverview and 3 years at the Pymble Ladies College.  I feel its such an honour being part of these amazing camps.

I have done numerous courses and I'm continually trying to grow and evolve my own practise to then help others.  

Yoga Within

, Manly, NSW, 2095

what people are saying about Susan Hughes

Catherine - Nov 08

Thank you for running this. I'm so excited. It's just fantastic to be one of your students. You truly are a wonderful teacher.

Jules - Nov 08

Thank you for taking us all on such a lovely journey over the last few weeks. I am so glad you decided to open your own yoga practice you are a great teacher and I get so much from every class I attend.

Phillipa - Apr 11

Susan uniquely manages to provide an inspirational program, tailored to suit the individual needs of each person in her classes. In a relaxed but focused atmosphere, you are challenged in varying ways and always leave invigorated with a feel good spirit.

Gabrielle - Nov 12

I love Friday, it is yoga day. Friday is the only day in the week when I know that my mind will find stillness and my body will be given a true injection of life. After yoga with Susan I feel renewed and reinvigorated. I know when I go to yoga class that I shall never have to do anything which makes me feel uncomfortable and that Susan will gently encourage me to improve or try something new; I feel safe. Susan knows my limits and listens attentively to my needs. Through my concentrated efforts in yoga, while I exercise my body, my mind slows and comes to stillness- that constant chatter is silenced- and I am present in the moment. I love Fridays and so does my family.

Jenny - Sep 14

Susan has a wonderful way of teaching yoga that suits all stages and ages. Having been a non-yoga person, I am now a committed fan, all thanks to Susan.

Zoe - Sep 14

I always thought I was too inflexible for yoga, however a chronic liver disease led me to Susan. After only a few months of practice, I saw dramatic improvements to my health that I hadn't seen after months of medication. I haven't looked back! I now practice yoga daily, and feel the physical and mental effects if I don't. Susan's incredible life energy and positive outlook always leaves me feeling calm, relaxed and inspired. I would highly recommend Yoga Within to anyone, and especially those with chronic health issues.

Carolyn - Oct 14

Flexibility has never been a strong point of mine. But Susan has taught me about taking the YOGA journey and enjoying every challenge along the way and not focussing on the destination or what I think I should look like! I know now that when my head says, "You don't have the time!" that is the exact time I need Friday Yoga... and Susan!!! Namaste!

Debbie - Oct 15

I have been going to Susans Friday morning yoga class for 2 years. Susans passion for helping others to improve their overall well-being is a real gift. She sees yoga as an integral component of improving body, mind and spirit. Susan takes time to explain the connection between the exercise and the impact it is having on the body, so I feel as though I am always learning. Susan only has small classes so she individually assists each person and adjusts any pose to a persons individual need. If she identifies a particular problem she takes time to give you a personalised corrective, which I have very much appreciated. Whilst Susan is extremely professional, the atmosphere is very casual and welcoming. I cannot recommend Susan enough. I always leave her class feeling better for having come, especially after the massage at the end.

Andrea - Oct 16

I have been practicing Ryoho yoga for many years now. Susan is an amazing yoga teacher, she is so passionate about Ryoho and gives individual feedback to all her yogis making sure they are doing all the poses correctly. She also notices if you have anything out of line in your body and will give you corrective yoga poses to do at home. I love going to Susan for yoga as her personal touch and yearning for everyone to get the best benefits of yoga is infectious.

Verity - Nov '17

Susan has been my life saviour for 12 years introducing me to a great yoga style that incorporates a very holistic approach. I feel absolutely fabulous after her class and see the world from a completely different view. I have also attended her all day workshops and experienced a private session with Susan. She is a gifted, knowledgeable and caring life changer.

Dail - Dec 18

About 6 months after meeting Susan, I went through a period in my life where I lost both my parents within 18 months of each other, plus my marriage broke up, it wasnt a great place to be and life was a blur. I remember walking along the beach with her whilst our boys were competing in a surf carnival and Susan asked me what did I do for myself, what is my hobby? I was at a loss to answer this question, as I realised that I really did nothing for myself, I was a single working mum with 2 teenage boys & a dog (!) with no time to myself & the thought of doing something for myself never entered my mind. But from that day forwards I thought about what Susan said to me, that I MUST do something for myself, it took me nearly 2 years to finally start that journey and that first step was to join Susans yoga classes, I wanted to surround myself with her guidance and care. From doing one class a week, I now do two and soon three I love it, my time for me and I take a little bit of wisdom and peace away with me each lesson, Susan has helped me to change my life and thinking through her friendship and yoga. Just lovely.

Wendy - Dec 18

first came to Susan after seeing the way she treated and cared for the athletes in my kids kayaking squad. I quickly realised that I needed some of that care and guidance to get some recurring injuries under control and have a better quality of life. I have been doing Susan's classes for almost a year and Friday mornings with Susan is my favourite time of the week. No matter how I'm feeling when I walk in I always leave feeling centred, relaxed and a little wiser. I started with a one on one session to target some specific issues I had and then moved on to her Friday morning classes, I haven't looked back. Soon I will be doing 2 classes a week and I now practice a little yoga every day at home. My daughter is an elite athlete and Susan has been guiding her in how to get the most out of her body and mind through yoga and nutrition and mindfulness. Everyone leaves Susan's classes feeling gorgeous!

Veronica Jan 19

Susan and I have been on our yoga journey together for the past 15 years and what a journey its been. I have the utmost admiration for Susans kindness and generosity to myself (and others) Susan has been extraordinary. During her yoga classes no one misses out on being corrected gently and guided into the pose. I love listening to Susan words during her classes. I feel my mind, body and spirit has been uplifted and I always leave feeling so much lighter and enriched. Susan is an inspiration to me and over the years I have witness her helping anyone who crosses her path. I cherish this amazing friendship and may our yoga journey continue.

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