Susie McCarthy

Relaxation, Yoga Nidra, Restorative, Hatha, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Mantra

Registered Level 1 Teacher


Registered Level 1 Teacher

Registered Yoga Therapist

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I have been a yoga devotee for over 20 years and completed my Yoga Teacher Training with Kate Pell in Bowral - a beautiful part of Australia in which to undertake such wonderful training! 

Since starting to teach, with input from many workshops, retreats and teacher trainings, my teaching style has evolved and I would describe my teaching style as a blend of yin yoga and meditative yoga, "slow yoga".  

That evolution led to an exploration of yoga therapy and I completed my post graduate yoga therapy diploma in 2015 with the Australian Institute of Yoga Therapy (through Enlightened Events in Sydney), and, while this gives me a wide range of people to work with and help, my passion is with helping people who have stress and anxiety related issues and illnesses.  This includes those people with chronic illnesses, such as cancer, both during treatment and in/after recovery.  Trauma experienced during illness is held in the body and mind and yoga can assist to return to wellness.

So many people are affected by stress and anxiety, ranging from low levels to the acute forms of chronic and adrenal fatigue.  Everyday work and life can be pretty stressful, working in a competitive environment, expectations placed on us by ourselves as well as by others, health issues, addictions, relationships - all may be stressful and, while most of us can handle some stress, when one thing comes on top of another our body and mind may struggle to cope.  

Even quite young children nowadays may suffer from an overdose of time spent in a stressful state.

Most forms of sport involve a competitive spirit, and while this has some benefits, it may add to the overload of time spent in a "flight or fight" response mode.

Yoga and meditation can help take you back to "rest and digest" mode.  Everyone needs to spend some time there, as often as possible.    Learning how to get into this calm state of mind and how to take yourself there whenever necessary is a very valuable skill.

I first came to yoga after a fall from a horse, when I suffered a crushed vertebrae.  The physical postures helped me to regain strength and movement in my back.  A few years later I found myself suffering from a lot of stress in both my work and personal life and returned to yoga class, and became interested in the deeper aspects of yoga.  I would go into a yoga session totally stressed out and leave an hour or so later feeling lighter, more flexible and so much more relaxed.  It felt like the world was a better place after my yoga class.

Everything in our lives happens for a reason and I am now grateful for those events as they led me to yoga.

I love teaching yoga and sharing yoga therapy and hope my students obtain similar benefits from my yoga sessions.

I have learnt and practiced with Kate Pell of Bowral Yoga, Shanti Yoga, Satyananda teachers including Atmaranta and Karmayogini, Karma Karuna and Pragyadara (Anahata NZ), Sal Flynn (psychotherapist and yoga therapist), Liz Bennett (physiotherapist and yoga therapist), Annette Loudon (yoga therapist specialising in yoga for cancer), Shirley Telles (director of research at Patanjali Research Foundation in India) and many other wonderful teachers.

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"Buddha was asked "What have you gained from meditation?" He replied, "Nothing. However let me tell you what I have lost - anxiety, anger, depression, insecurity, and fear of old age and death.""

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