Tatiana Krutak

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Registered Level 1 Teacher


Registered Level 1 Teacher

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I became a yoga teacher after my careers, at first as a professional volleyball player, and later as an Engineer. The combination of these jobs refined my Yoga Style. I am fascinated by today’s science behind the ancient yoga teachings and I continually study up to date papers and researches connected to yoga.

I work with people of all ages: from young athletes, corporate executives to seniors in retirement homes. My favorite group that I relate to are ‘Midlifers’. I believe yoga empowers and brings a new energy to midlife men and women to make their following years the best ever.

Experiencing the benefits of yoga on my own body worn down by injuries of excess training for many years, I would like to share a healing power of yoga, joy and calm with every student I am privileged to teach.

UQ Sport Fitness Centre - Building 25, The University of Queensland

+61 (07) 3365 6612
Union Rd , St Lucia , QLD , 4067

Active Parks Program Brisbane City Council

+61 439 643 586
Guyatt Park, St Lucia, Queensland, 4067

Ironside Sports and Physiotherapy

+61 07 3870 2301
Highland Terrace, St Lucia, QLD, 4067

Brisbane City Hall 50+ Center

64 Adelaide Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000


Location Class Days Time
Brisbane City Hall, 64 Adelaide Street 50 + Yoga and Meditation Fridays 8.30-9.30am
Brisbane City Hall, 64 Adelaide Street 50+ Chair Yoga and Meditation Mondays 12.30-1.30 pm

"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito"

Dalai Lama

what people are saying about Tatiana Krutak

Ian and Pat Buchanan, St Lucia

My wife and I have been attending Tatiana's Classes for the past year. We have both greatly enjoyed and benefited from the program. She has been welcoming and warm with all the participants and we are delighted to be part of her sports family. Her program is carefully chosen to meet the capability of participants and she is constantly attentive to each person in the group. She is highly skilled and has excellent presentation skills. We are very grateful to Tatiana for her remarkable contribution to our fitness and pleasure

Hiromi, St Lucia

Hi, my name is Hiromi, I am a psychotherapist/counsellor. I have been learning yoga for a while and Tatiana is one of my most favorite and respectful instructors ever. These days more and more I suggest my counselling clients to attend her yoga classes, in order to integrate their mind and body. Not only her friendly, compassionate, respectful, and humorous manners to relate to people, but I do trust and appreciate her evidence-based yoga practice. Some of my clients have experienced psychological trauma and they have lost a communication between 1) mind and body, and 2) right and left brain. As trauma specialist, Bessel van der Kolk passionately suggests that yoga is one of the most powerful, effective 'bottom-up' approaches to treat traumatised people. While I am taking a 'top-down' approach through counselling, Tatiana's yoga has been helping my clients from 'bottom-up' approach. I have already seen the benefits of yoga in my clients and I am grateful that I have known Tatiana who integrates her knowledge of neurobiology and neuroscience, applying to her yoga practice.

Jo, Auchenflower

Tatiana is an amazing yoga teacher. Her physical and verbal instructions are always very clear and easy to follow and she also explains how each movement benefits the body. I love how she incorporates moves to assist brain function, particularly the connections between the left and right hemispheres. Tatiana takes a personal interest in everyone, is always encouraging and will modify a class, if necessary, to suit participants. Each session is different and is always delivered with passion and humor. She keeps up-to-date with new trends and scientific research and constantly has something new and interesting to share. Classes are really enjoyable and I leave feeling relaxed and happy knowing that I have done something positive for my mind and body. Thanks Tatiana

Amanda and Bev Bergin

Tatiana teaches with great knowledge and experience. She masters the flexibility of shifting between rigidly focused, to supporting use of props and to having fun and a good laugh on the mat. We have thoroughly enjoyed every class and feel so much more enlightened. We now have a whole new perspective and understanding of yoga. We always walk out of the class feeling energized, refreshed and ready for anything. We are so very grateful for all you have taught us. You are an amazing teacher and such an inspiration.

Jan C

I have been coming to yoga at PCYC Lang Park, with a couple of friends each Thursday for the past year. From the outset Tatiana made us feel very welcome in the class and talked us through the many poses that have twisted and extended our bodies. We generally have a good laugh and leave the class feeling we have done our body a massive favour. Thanks Tatiana for a fantastic class.

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