Tracy Armstrong

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Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

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Qualified yoga instructor, Tracy Armstrong, has been teaching yoga in Townsville since 1999 and is acknowledged as one of Townsville’s most reputable yoga teachers and natural health advocate by her colleagues, clients, family and friends.  From an early age Tracy has been on a quest for superior health and happiness. Her search brought her to the art and science of yoga and natural hygiene – a system of health that resonates with our true heritage. Tracy makes plain the benefits of such a lifestyle based on these values.

Initially, Tracy gained yoga teaching qualifications under Senior Iyengar Teacher Nicky Knoff, in 1998. This was a 12 month apprenticeship which entailed all facets of teaching, adjusting, yoga breathing and meditation. Tracy has continued professional development with Senior Iyengar Teachers in Australia as well as in India at the Iyengar Memorial Institute and undertaken further studies in yoga anatomy. Tracy is known for her attention to detail and personalised approach to teaching. Students can expect individual instruction and adjustments.




Tracy's strengths include attention to detail and her ability to adjustimpart knowledge of the practice. Students can expect quality instruction around technique and alignment with a strong focus on practising with alertness and lightness (sthira and sukha). Tracy also has a good understanding of anatomy in relation to the asanas having both worked through chronic stiffness herself and sought further education in this area.
Teaching by example and guiding clients to a higher level of health and happiness is Tracy’s objective. The services provided target seasoned students either individually or in small groups as well as aspiring yoga teachers.

Yoga Health

+61 407 522 080
Keane Street, Currajong, QLD, 4812

The Drill Hall

27 Mitchell Street, North Ward, QLD, 4810


Location Class Days Time
Yoga Health Level 1 Tuesday 6:00am
Yoga Health Level 2 Thursday 6:00am
The Drill Hall Group Private Friday 6:00am
The Drill Hall Level 1 Monday 5:30pm
The Drill Hall Beginners Tuesday 5:30pm
The Drill Hall Level 2 Wednesday 5:30pm

"Individual guidance expert quality instruction"

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