Vani Shukla

Hatha Yoga, Meditation

Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

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My name is Vani, as a child of Hindu Brahmin (scholars) family I was introduced to Yoga at a very early age, however, my true Yoga journey started in 2003 when I was 18. I lost my parents that year and my tender mind went too restless to know the deeper meaning of life and its different aspects. This led me to take shelter of Yoga to satisfy my soul and look forward in life. After experiencing the benefits of Yoga, I decided to dedicate myself completely to it and share the same benefits with others.

I started my formal training to become a Yoga teacher in 2005. I completed my post graduated in Masters of Sciences in Yoga Therapy from India, I have also done a Bachelor of Sciences in Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics. To fulfill my quest for Yoga, I continued my journey in the company of many mystics and Gurus of Himalayas (initiated in Himalayan Yoga Tradition). I especially like sharing a philosophy of Yoga and Meditation.

I am inspired by the life-changing results of the Yoga practices and my vision is to spread it in its true meaning so that people can achieve their complete well-being (physically, mentally and spiritually). Apart from Yoga, I love Indian classical dancing, food, and traveling.

Love & Peace

Hari Aum Tat Sat!


Yoga Begins

7/51,Wattle Street, Fullarton, SA, 5063

"Life gets better by change not by chance."


what people are saying about Vani Shukla

Yen Ling

Vani is the most beautiful yoga teacher I ever come across. She is kind, thoughtful and considerate. Her teaching is so close to our daily life. I am so glad I found her.

Steph Zuzolo

Amazing yoga practitioner who completely opens you up to a wonderful experience


Vani is a teacher that I have learned a great deal from, her lovely nature and in-depth knowledge has allowed me to feel the true benefits that meditation can bring, especially mental clarity, however, it takes practice and persistence. Today I had my first ever Thai yoga massage that left my mind and body in full relaxation, I can't recommend it enough. You are truly wonderful at what you do Vani, thank you!

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