Zoe Bentley

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Registered Level 1 Teacher


Registered Level 1 Teacher

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Hi, I am a 39-year-old mother of two living in Noosa with my husband and two daughters.  Physical fitness and general health have always been hugely important to me, as well as enjoying a bit of a party lifestyle!  However training for numerous competitive events on top of a stressful job in the UK led to me needing to make some changes to my life.  I was young and naive about the great strain and stress I was putting on both my body and my mind for many years.

 I started practicing Yoga in 1998 and was able to start to heal my whole being in a way that had not been possible before.  I travelled extensively, practicing varieties of yoga in India, Thailand and Argentina before settling in the UK and joining the Metropolitan Police in London where I worked as a detective in the Counter Terrorist Command at Scotland Yard.  

I worked hard and played hard as well as undertaking demanding physical challenges like marathons and triathlons. It was however the stress of my job, along with recurring hip and lower back injuries sustained as a result of a punishing exercise and training regime, that convinced me I needed to incorporate more yoga into my life. And after discovering a Yogalates DVD I started to understand that it was a fantastic exercise system encompassing the disciplines of both yoga and pilates which was perfect for me.  After practicing Yogalates for 10 years I finally undertook a teacher training course with Yogalates creator Louise Solomon in Byron Bay, Australia and came to understand how important it is to nuture our bodies and minds. I now know that to do this you must learn to love and be kind to yourself.

After teaching public and private classes firstly in Byron Bay and then in the UK I finally decided to move to Australia permanently and fully change my lifestyle. I have made Noosa my home and I now want to share the huge number of benefits that Yogalates and Yoga Therapy has brought to my life.

I have suffered with a great deal of pelvic and lower back problems since having my two children and by using Yogalates exercises, along with my growing therapeutic knowledge, I have been able to heal my body to its pre-pregnancy state. I recently graduated with a Diploma in Yoga Therapy which takes a very individual approach to healing. While I love being part of and teaching large classes, with all the energy that goes with them, I am even more passionate about the therapeutic use of Yoga with individuals and small groups which I know for sure offers great transformation and change for those that take part.


"'When you find peace within yourself you become the kind of person that can live in peace with others'"

Peace Pilgrim

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Lisa Thomson

I have to be honest, I was very sceptical to begin with about the benefits of yoga therapy. Even after being diagnosed and treated for a serious life threatening illness. I prided myself on my ability to just get on with life, treatment and whatever side effects or restrictions, it presented or caused for myself and my family. After my first yoga therapy session with Zoe, I started to think in a more holistic way about my lifestyle, stress levels and managing my health. I had always exercised and eaten well, but had never contemplated that stress, or the effects of modern living, may effect my health and wellbeing or help determine how I coped with treatment and life in general. I started to realise the therapy Zoe was teaching me was looking after the whole of me, could perhaps influence my recovery, long term fitness and the effects on my mental health and the outcome of my life. It wasnt just firefighting against one problem but looking at my body, health and lifestyle as a whole and giving me a programme, designed for me that I could follow and embrace to empower me to be as fit and healthy mentally as well as physically. It opened my eyes to how some of the symptoms I suffered from could be treated with relaxation, taking time for myself and listening to my body and mind, rather than the usual quick fix recommended by some other professionals of pills and medication. Lisa T

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