Publishing Guidelines

For Member ‘Workshop & Events’


Event publishing guidelines 

As part of being a Yoga Australia Member, you have the opportunity to post workshops and events on the Yoga Australia website that are for the benefit of the yoga community. Any teacher training courses, including APD must be registered with us to be listed.  

This is a free member benefit and a great way to boost your exposure for your upcoming retreats, workshops and amazing events. 


What workshop and events can I post? 

Any special workshop or event you are running aimed at the general yoga community. 


What workshop and events can’t I post? 

  • Any teacher training / professional development courses aimed at teachers unless that training has been registered as a Yoga Australia Teacher or Therapy Training course or Yoga Australia Approved Professional Development (APD) Course. 
  • Regular ongoing yoga classes 


Do I need to register my course before I can list it as an event?  

If your training course is aimed at teachers for professional development, then yes you do need to register your course to be listed on the Yoga Australia website. The following examples require course registration to be listed on the Yoga Australia website. 

  • Yoga Teacher Training courses (200hr, 350hr, 150hr postgraduate) 
  • Yoga Therapy Training 
  • Further Specialisation Teacher Training (E.g., Children’s, Seniors, Prenatal, Chair, Yin, etc) considered as Approved Professional Development (APD) 


Why do I need to register my training before I post as an event or workshop?  

The public often contact Yoga Australia for recommendations on yoga teacher training. They are directed to the list of Registered Yoga Teacher Trainings on our website. These courses have been through the rigor of our registration process and meet Yoga Australia’s high standards. There is potential for confusion and misunderstanding if similar (but unregistered) training courses are found in the Workshops and Events area of the Yoga Australia website.  


How do I register my course? 

For more information on how to register a training course with Yoga Australia visit Course Registration Guidelines or jump to the following relevant course registration guidance. 

Yoga Teacher Training 

200 hr Guidelines 

200 hr Registration 

350+ hr Guidelines 

350+ hr Registration 

150 hr Post Graduate Guidelines 

150 hr Post Graduate Registration 

Yoga Therapy Training 



Approved Professional Development 



How do I post a Workshop or Event on the Yoga Australia Website? 

Log into your member dashboard, click ‘Your Events & Workshops’ and select ‘+ Create New Event’. Here is a helpful video showing you how to upload your events and workshop. 

When will my Workshop or Event be published? 

The Events team check, review and publish all member events every Thursday. This is to ensure the member ‘Workshop and Event’ guidelines are followed. 

If you have any questions email [email protected]

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