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Frequently asked questions


How long will it take for my application to be processed?

The process usually takes 2-4 weeks.


What if I don’t have enough “contact hours” in my training?

Generally, at least 65% (two-thirds) of the hours spent training to become a yoga teacher should be “contact hours”, meaning face-to-face contact with your teacher (eg: about 230 hours of 350 hours). The remaining hours can be completed as home study if compliance can be assessed. For example, if the teacher training course you attended required you to complete certain activities at home and to maintain a diary of those activities, and if the diary is checked and compliance is assessed as part of the course, then the home study component of the course may be counted towards your training hours. You must be able to provide documentation to demonstrate your eligibility for the home study (non-contact) component of the training.

If you have less than two-thirds contact hours (such as through undertaking a distance learning or correspondence course), and home study compliance was not assessed, please discuss this with the membership secretary to determine eligibility for membership You may be able to enter into a mentoring agreement as described above to achieve the required contact hours. (Some ‘distance learning’ courses have been registered by Yoga Australia, and graduates of these courses will automatically be admitted to Yoga Australia membership. In cases of non Yoga Australia registered courses, however, special consideration of your membership application will be required).

What if my training is not from a teacher training course registered with Yoga Australia?

Yoga Australia will consider applications for association membership from all yoga teachers, not only those whose teacher training course is registered with the association. However, if your course of study is not registered with us, you will need to provide schedule of the curriculum that was covered in your training (how the topics covered & the number of hours of study undertaken for each of these) to ensure it meets the relevant criteria outlined in the Levels of Membership Curriculum Table. If possible include testimonials from your teachers, colleagues or students regarding the extent or nature of your teaching,

In cases where your statements regarding your training, experience or background cannot be substantiated through external documentation, the Yoga Australia Committee may require provision of a statutory declaration relating to this matter.

What if I don’t have enough hours of training in each of the curriculum areas?

In this case, you should engage in further training to achieve the required hours in each of the curriculum areas. Please see the Levels of Membership Curriculum Table for a breakdown of the training hours required by curriculum area.

There are a number of teacher training schools that provide short courses covering specific curriculum areas. Further training may also include formal mentoring with a more senior recognised teacher, e.g.: teaching as a trainee teacher under supervision or assisting the teacher in class, in which case a letter will be required from the mentor teacher to confirm the curriculum areas taught and the hours completed. See the Mentoring Guidelines for more information.

What if I don’t have a minimum of 12 months of teacher training?

Engage in a mentoring agreement with a Senior Registered Teacher for a period of time to achieve the minimum 12-month period under supervision. Mentoring involves undertaking regular (at least once weekly) supervised training in yoga teaching with a more senior teacher and can be structured in a way to best suit both you and your mentor, eg: teaching as a trainee teacher under supervision or assisting the teacher in class. At the conclusion of the mentoring period, your mentor should provide you with a letter confirming the length and nature of the mentoring period. See the Mentoring Guidelines for further information.

How can I use the Yoga Australia member logo?

Yoga Australia members can use the Association member logo in their advertising and promotional materials in line with our Style Guide. Use of the logo is limited to advertising, promotional materials and pages of your website directly related to your teaching, e.g.: the logo cannot be used in such a way as to suggest that Yoga Australia has recognised any other aspects of your business, only your yoga teaching. Your right to use the logo remains always at the discretion of the Yoga Australia Committee. 


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