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10 Sep 2021

12 Sep 2021


50 hours



Early Bird Prices are available. Please email for more information

 LEVEL 1 PROGRAMME- HOW TO TEACH KIDS YOGA. Our foundation 3 day programme gives you the tools to:

Understand all the developmental (physical; brain; emotional; reflexes) stages of children at progressive ages

Understand how through activities/ games/ challenges children can improve at their level of development and beyond

Get kids to concentrate and focus- Mindfulness tools and techniques.

Create and enjoy endless games, songs, challenges & adventures to mix and coordinate in your classes as you see fit.

Understand how to deal with various syndromes; disorders;

Blend your previous experiences into the programme

Employment prospects: You can use our Level I programme to teach kids yoga anywhere. Yoga teachers registered with Yoga Australia will be recognised as Yoga Australia Post Graduate Kids Yoga teachers. 

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