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Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher

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My name is Dee and I am the founder and Managing Director of Power House Yoga.  Let me tell you a little bit about myself…  My yoga journey started almost 15 years ago when I returned from touring with an international dance company.  I was looking for something that would nourish my body after many years of probably not looking after it as well as I could have in the grueling environment of the professional dance world.  What I got, was so much more!!

I immediately fell in love with the physicality of the power yoga practice and the intensity of it as well as the sweat factor!!  I was already working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and a group exercise instructor, so yoga fitted into my lifestyle perfectly.  I was a dedicated student for a few years before I decided to do my teacher training.  I actually didn’t do the teacher training to teach yoga, I did it because over the years I had been practicing yoga I had witnessed significant transformations of close people around me and I wanted to learn more about the history, physiology and psychology of the yogic practice.  Teacher training confirmed to me that I was on the right path and that yoga was the direction I wanted to head – basically, it changed my life!!  I felt a sense of necessity to share my knowledge and experience with as many people as I could – so I started teaching A LOT!!

Over the years, I have taught at gyms across Sydney and Melbourne and yoga studios as well.  I have facilitated workshops and retreats and I am a registered teacher trainer.  I absolutely LOVE sharing the gift of yoga with everyone but especially with people who have not experienced our style of yoga before.  I remember walking out of my first class with the biggest smile on my face and a sense of clarity, understanding and acceptance.  I felt like I could conquer the world!!  I love seeing that same face on so many others that experience it for the first time or for the five hundredth time.  I remind myself every day that I am very lucky to have found yoga.  Yoga is not just what I do… it is a big part of who I am!! 

In my classes, I aim to share that passion, commitment and dedication of the yoga practice and studies in an open hearted, fun loving yet challenging manner.  I wish to give the gift of yoga that was given to me.  I intend to nurture, but encourage exploration to physical and spiritual depths that may not have been discovered before.  I love seeing transformation as well as personal achievements.  I believe having goals and achieving them is extremely empowering and I hope to help others reach their goals or even exceed them! 

So that’s me in a nutshell…  I consider everyone I share yoga with a friend.  I look forward to sharing a friendship with you!!

Much love, light and laughter…


Power House Yoga

03 9796 2188
Paternoster Lane, Berwick, VIC, 3806

"What you seek is seeking you"


what people are saying about Deidre (Dee) Taueki

Melinda Shine

Dee is inspirational as a teacher and has guided me on a wonderful journey of self-discovery that will continue for the rest of my life. Thank you so much Dee and team xo

Kimberley Boswell

Studying with Power House Yoga has been a fantastic experience. The content was detailed and delivered with passion and mastery by Dee. Dee's delivery style is supportive and encouraging, while also ensuring the key messages and learnings are grasped. She facilitates a room with grace and ease and forged a strong team amongst the students. I feel the content has been of a very high level and the coaching very powerful resulting in me graduating as a confident and capable teacher. I look forward to beginning my yoga teaching career and am very grateful for the exceptional experience of training with Power House Yoga.

Michelle Sheppard

Fantastic course run by an amazing teacher! I cant thank you enough Dee.

Wendy Blagojevic

Dee shared her wealth of knowledge with passion and conviction. Not only is she incredibly humble in her knowledge, she did not hold back in teaching us what it has taken her years of dedication to learn. Dee provided a nurturing environment and the intimate setting which made us feel like a family, safe secure and with lots of giggles and fun. Throughout the learning process challenges and emotions of each student came to the surface and Dee was there to help us navigate through these. We were challenged physically, mentally and emotionally however in a safe environment which saw every student grow and blossom. I feel extremely honoured and proud to be trained by Power House Yoga, a journey I will forever hold close to my heart. My eternal gratitude and respect for Dee will out live me.

Louise Saliba

Exceeded my expectations, so glad I did my YTT with Dee. Amazing experience. Was able to develop as a teacher with the encouragement and within a safe environment which helped beyond my expectations.

Melanie McTaggart

I could not recommend the PHY teacher-training course highly enough. I have grown in so many ways under the guidance of Dee and her teaching.

Peter Robbins

Dee was fantastic in every way. Even after the course was completed she has still provided a space to keep learning and progress as a yoga teacher. I have looked into other teaching training places and Power House Yoga stood out and delivered a great course that I highly recommend.

Brodie Shipton

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I have been looking for a yoga studio that offers more variety and regular classes... And Power House Yoga is exactly what I have been looking for. Dee is such a friendly, attentive teacher with a good sense of humour. Love it!!

Janna Francis

Can not recommend Dee highly enough!

Sarah Wittman

Best instructor I've come across in over a decade of yoga. Dee meets the needs of the body, the mind and the soul intuitively. Beautifully warm and pleasant smelling studio!

Sam Dennaoui

Dee and all her teachers are fantastic! I look forward to my weekly yoga class, it relaxes me and at the same time inspires me to make the most of every day. Its a great way to kick start the week.

Thien Pocza

Dee and her team are a wonderful bunch. I always leave a class leaning something positive about my body's ability or mind set.

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