Dyan Ostrow

Breath Based Hatha Yoga

Registered Level 1 Teacher


Registered Level 1 Teacher

Gentle breath-based hatha yoga classes
in Bayside, Bentleigh, South Caulfield & beyond
Yoga is one of the oldest and most powerful healing tools known to us. Not only does it strengthen and tone the body, it also calms and centres the mind. If you’re searching for a gentle restorative yoga practice in a safe, secure and uplifting environment, my warm and welcoming breath-based Suitable for the absolute beginner and those with more experience, breath-based Hatha yoga is a slow and gentle style of practice. I guide you according to your ability, meeting you where you are at. We use postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation and relaxation techniques to build strength, flexibility and bring about a deepened sense of peace and awareness. 
My gentle Hatha yoga classes take a mindful and holistic approach, making them perfect for those seeking a more restorative practice that strengthens, stabilises and clarifies the body, breath and mind. In small, friendly groups we learn to understand our bodies, working non-judgementally with where we are now, in the moment. I guide you according to your ability, meeting you where you are at. 

Dyan Ostrow

McKinnon road, Bayside, Bentleigh Sth Caulfield & surrounding area, VIC, 3204

Dyan Ostrow www.dyanostrow.com

+61 418 605 623
Mckinnon road, Mckinnon, VIC, 3204


Location Class Days Time
Bayside and bentleigh breath based hatha yoga classes Monday 10-11.30am Wednesday mornings & Thursday evenings 10-11.30am 9.30am-11am & 5.30pm-7pm
Bayside and bentleigh Breath based hatha yoga fridays 10am -11.30am

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