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Registered Level 1 Teacher


Registered Level 1 Teacher

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Glenis has been practising Yoga since 2001 and can attest to the numerous psychological, emotional and physiological benefits through the client experience as well as her own.  She works with her clients to achieve their personals goals through their practice whether it be to improve fitness, physical, mental and emotional strength, balance or simply a sense of tranquility.

Clients has described Glenis' practitioner style as like being massaged with her voice - she epitomises the gentleness and kindness that she is guiding the client to find between their heads and their hearts, to and provide encouragement to trust cues of their own bodies.

Her background and training in Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra ( a state of between waking and sleep) which she applies as a practitioner to relieve and manage anxiety and depression through yoga and meditation.  With 19 years of experience as well as her own commitment to personal growth, human connection and solidarity, Glenis creates a safe and supported space for yoga and meditation practice.

Perth St Park

0421 319 549
74 Perth Street, Camp Hill, QLD, 4152


Location Class Days Time
Perth St Park, Perth St. Camp Hill. Qld. 4152 Yoga in the Park Friday's 16Jul-17Sept2021 9-00am-10:00am

what people are saying about Glenis Wilkinson

Jophiel Nicholls

'Glenis' yoga class is absolutely amazing! It never fails to make me feel serene and blissed out.. Very safe, warm and comforting environment. I would recommend for anyone no matter your fitness level as she caters to your needs and you never push yourself harder or further than you need to. Glenis is a highly adept yogini and a gentle and warm hearted person her class is just great!' Google review, January 2019

Sonia Catherine

***** Such an amazing Yoga teacher! Facebook review, November 28, 2018

John William Daly

'I've been practising yoga with Glenis in her classes for six years. I don't know where I would be without it, as her yoga instruction has been vital to my physical recovery from some very serious injuries. To say that it has helped me mentally and emotionally would be an understatement - yoga has become the core of my daily activities for personal wellbeing. Having been introduced to yoga by Glenis, I am eternally grateful to her. Glenis creates a safe and healing space that will change your life.' Facebook review, 1 March 2019

Stuart Paterson

'Great relaxed small class where Glenis guides you through with a new session each week. Highly recommend if you are a beginner and thought of trying yoga...this is your class. However any level of experience is catered for. Great mental and physical relaxation for the week.' Facebook review, 21 November 2018

Bernadette O'Loughlin

'I just luv Glenis yoga session at Perth Park Friday mornings. Just a wonderful way to start the day.' Facebook review, 30 April 2019

Kerrie Mann

'Glenis' classes are beautiful. Very supportive for all levels. Lovely calm nature.' Facebook review Janurary 2020.

Russell Norton

'Glenis is a very knowlegable and very relaxing and brings peace and tranquility to her classes.' Facebook review. October 2019.

Nathan Little

'Glenis provides an environment where the vibe is welcoming and friendly. She is generous with her knowledge of yoga and, importantly for me, her classes are well thought out & structured. Her yoga classes are taught where the philosophies of mind, body and spirit are interwoven with the teaching of the various poses. She guides with subtle corrections and at the end of class I always feel a total sense of relaxation. I very much enjoy coming to Glenis classes as I can tune out from the world and really focus on my mind and body and soul. Highly recommended.' February 2019

Kerrie Mann

'I mostly attend the yoga classes that Glenis teaches at lunchtime in the gym in my office building, though I have also been a part of her valley and park classes on occasion. I find her approach to yoga very calming and peaceful. In particular, the way she uses her voice is very soothing. It can sometimes feel like she is giving you a massage with her words. I came to her classes after returning to work from maternity leave. As someone who had previously attended quite fast paced strong yoga classes (pre baby), I actually learnt a lot from Glenis' classes. She helped me gain a better understanding of the true purpose of yoga which is honouring, nurturing and accepting yourself for where you are on the day. That's you don't need to push yourself to achieve the perfect pose or perfect workout to gain value from the practice. I've also recently completed my studies to be a yoga teacher and Glenis was a great mentor and support during this time and continues to be. Her knowledge of using yoga and meditation to support mental wellness is amazing. I understand that she has qualifications in trauma yoga therapy...a much needed space. Overall I highly recommend Glenis to a studio or student that is looking for a nurturing, supportive, gentle instructor.' October 2019.

Lisa Brincat

"Glenis is a wonderful online yoga teacher, her grounded calming energy and style is just what the dr ordered in our fast pace lives. The fact I can do yoga in my living room is fantastic." Facebook review. April 2020.

Janet Smith

Glenis yoga classes are a wonderful mix of flexibility, balance and supportive stretches. Her experience shows in her professional manner. Highly recommend. Facebook review August 2020

April Dickson

Beautiful classes, informative instructions to suit all levels of experience, I feel empowered and ready for the day ahead thankyou Facebook review February 2021

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