Sarah Nuttridge

Registered Level 2 Teacher


Registered Level 2 Teacher


Sarah (Sare) is a full-time Yoga Therapist, Level 2 Registered Yoga Teacher, Associate Trainer, and Energy Healer (Sound and Reiki). She educates and empowers people who are seeking health and wellness through the exploration Yoga.

Sare started regular attendance in Power Yoga and Yin Yoga classes from 2012, when she found out she had Osteoarthritis. Mindfulness and meditation had been introduced to her some years before, but this is when she started to attend up to four times a week because she could feel the benefits. The yoga classes made a difference for her by improving her mobility and reducing potential flare ups.

After more than six years of teaching and over 10 years of personal practice, Sare's method of teaching yoga is one of accessibility, exploration and metta. That last word, Metta, is Sanskrit for loving kindness. For example, practicing loving kindness and compassion to ourselves when we’re in our yoga practice can be nurturing for the body, mind and soul.

In Yoga Therapy, her work is centred around persistent and chronic medical conditions. From Sare's personal experience of Osteoarthritis (OA), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Breast Cancer, and experiences of close family and friends, this work has great importance to her.

As an Associate Trainer for Yoga Trinity, Sare finds great enjoyment in teaching to the next generation of yoga teachers. In the face to face component with her, students cover things such as functional anatomy, go in-depth with a range of physical postures, and explore the many ways we can make yoga accessible for all.

You will also find Sare teaching public group classes at a few locations around Canberra (see Teaching Locations & Timetable) and she usually carries a collection of instruments for some relaxing sounds when it comes to resting at the end of a class. Although, a full sound bath event is divine and not to be missed when one happens!

Club Lime Ladies Only and Club Lime Gyms

(02) 6251 7555
CISAC, 100 Eastern Valley Way, Belconnen, ACT, 2617

Yoga with Sare (Face to Face and Online)

0430 314 622
PO Box 613, Belconnen, ACT, 2616

Balanced Yoga

0451 408 957
39 Jardine St, Kingston, ACT, 2604

Change Yoga and Wellness

0439 406 577
1 Scullin Place, Scullin, ACT, 2614

Change Yoga and Wellness

0439 406 577
6/26 Francis Forde Blvd, Forde, ACT, 2914

what people are saying about Sarah Nuttridge


I love doing yoga with Sarah. The flexible delivery of her classes via Skype has been a fantastic option for me to fit my yoga practice around my not very gym or group class fitness timetables. She modifies poses as required for my injuries and does a wonderful job of correcting my poses (even via Skype which I think is quite a feat!). I would recommend her classes to anyone.


Loving Sare's yoga classes. She is knowledgeable, friendly and authentic in her style. I really feel that class is my time to honour my body and see what it can do each day! I love the class mantras and the singing bowls at the end. Exactly how yoga should be- for both mind and body!


I've been lucky enough to enjoy one on one yoga sessions with Sare, who has corrected my poses/technique and helped me get more from the practice. Her friendly approach makes the practice of yoga more satisfying and fun.

Ursula, MD Capital EA

As a business, I find providing the staff with some form of relaxation to be so beneficial both for our overall output and in providing a level of 'calm' for the rest of the day. Yoga for us also provides a moment for the staff to bond and share a laugh. It's our favourite time of the month and we love supporting other women in business too! Thank you Sare.

Dave W

I thought "comfortable stretching" was a contradiction in terms until I discovered yoga with Sarah.

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