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Registered Senior Teacher


Registered Senior Teacher


Shanti Gowans is the globally recognised author and founder of Shanti Yoga™, Meditation and Ayurveda for the self, family, and community.

Shantiji has brought the concepts and practices of a healthy body and a still mind to thousands of Australians through her Yoga and Meditation programs on national television.

Shanti Gowans has been invited to present topics on Yoga and Meditation in four continents, in such countries as the U.S.A., U.K., Japan, India and Fiji. Sought after internationally as an inspired speaker with global and cosmic perspectives, Shanti Gowans translates timeless Eastern traditions into contemporary, accessible frameworks, and this is her 50th year of teaching Yoga in Australia.

 "I wish to acknowledge and thank all those who help to keep the wisdom and compassion traditions of the past alive for the future. Our facilitators, practitioners, therapists and teachers walk their talk. They have an absolute passion for the work and a willingness to share it. We do our best for every student and for all human beings. We are surrounded by, and cultivate a wonderful community, through which we work. This gives us greater flexibility and puts a certain 'magic' into what we offer. My gratitude is boundless".

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Shanti Yoga

126 Scarborough Street , Southport, QLD, 4215

"Slow Down Expand your Heart Still your Mind Honour your Body Nourish your Soul Embrace the Whole"

Shanti Gowans

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