Advocacy Statement

Encouraging Action & Change To Improve The Quality Of Yoga


As the peak body for yoga in Australia, Yoga Australia actively undertakes policy advocacy to encourage action and change to improve the quality of the yoga industry in Australia to effectively represent their members. 

A primary goal of our advocacy is to inform and protect the public by setting and monitoring high professional standards. The Code of Professional Conduct details the standards of professional and ethical behaviour required of registered yoga professionals in Australia. Members have a responsibility to deliver safe and effective yoga services based on current evidence, best practice and where applicable, validated research.

Yoga Australia actively undertakes advocacy work by engaging with all levels of government, health industry organisations and health and wellness professionals to support their understanding of yoga standards. Advocacy also focuses on a broader understanding of yoga as an established modality to support health and well-being. Evidence through reputable research and case studies demonstrate the significant impact that yoga can have in many parts of the community.  

Yoga Australia will continue to work with these sectors to promote the development of effective policy and collaborative frameworks which will support change and advance the yoga industry. We also actively participate in forums where yoga policy can be discussed, and collaborate with primary and secondary stakeholders both within yoga and the broader community.

Yoga Australia policy advocacy aims include:

  • Encouraging and promoting yoga standards in Australia;
  • Assisting and encouraging the community to develop its understanding of yoga and its role in health and wellness in the lives of individuals;
  • Assisting and encouraging all levels of government, health industry organisations and health professionals to develop their understanding of yoga and its role in providing beneficial outcomes and positive changes for the community; 
  • Engaging closely with our members to ensure their participation in yoga policy development and that they stay informed of regulatory and policy changes;
  • Encouraging the research sector to become more involved in research on the outcomes and impact of yoga in the community, so the benefits of yoga are evidence based, sustainable and measurable;
  • Encouraging and promoting the development of optimal policy and regulation to support and improve the quality of yoga; and
  • Contributing to the broader policy issues affecting health and well-being where a yoga perspective will add value.

When undertaking our policy advocacy activities, Yoga Australia will ensure:

  • Professionalism: we base our positions on the main recognised principles;
  • Proactivity: we actively engage in policy fora to seek change and action and the development of innovative policy solutions;
  • Responsiveness: we focus on the needs and priorities of our members and communities, as well as government and the business environment;
  • Collaboration: we ensure efficient and relevant policies by working with our members on policy issues and other stakeholders; and
  • Practicality: we ensure that our policy solutions are relevant, practical and evidence based.

For further information about this advocacy statement, please contact Yoga Australia at [email protected] 

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